The Devil’s Anvil (#NaPo_Wrimo)

A blank screen,

White like ice;

Waiting to be applied-

Pale like cream;

Waiting to be licked-

Fingers crackling,

Wanting to scribble something

I try to etch my mind to clear it of its tangles…

Procrastinating, idling my time away,

If only time could be measured in poetry,

Lost and never written;

Thought and never jotted down

Lost in the deep folds of memories and déjà-vu’s.


The white paper taunts me,

Gives me nightmarish dreams, even

Intimidates me into writing rubbish;

But who’ll make them understand;

“That I’m better off procrastinating”

That I’m well-

Thinking my way into oblivion-


About the old haggard woman next door

Or about a broken lover’s twisted mind…


The milky screen laughs at me,

Laughs at my inability, my incapability

Sucks the light inside,

Shining a little more each time it does-

Leaving my inside dark and hollow

I’m better off not writing;

I’m better off procrastinating…


The anemic façade of a screen,

The screen of death;

A place where many great thoughts and ideas

Now lay barren, surrendering to a higher form

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”


Don’t we worship the devil? Don’t we all?

© Biswadeep

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