The tale of Aqua (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Water is a five letter word,

Which owns the four letter word called life;

Water, life and death were playmates once,

With water forming the unstable bridge between the other two;

Death would always win, though, by hook or by crook-

Once death tricked water to befriend arsenic,

A deadly amalgamation, literally;

The result was that life lost, not just once,

Or twice, but hundreds and thousands of times over;

Water cried, till its tears formed an ocean-

It cried till it could cry no more…

Death rejoiced, welcomed the tormented spirits,

With arms wide open;

Life fretted, cussed death-

But soon forgot as new people replaced the dead.


Death was never bereft of tricks; tricked life again,

Into befriending drought;

The drought nullified water, sending it to fiery hell and beyond,

Killing again, killing mercilessly;

‘Death’ was certain, sometimes directly, sometimes as a consequence-

Rain and drought could never be together, everybody knew their differences,

Water could never withstand death, but it had nothing to do;

After all, death too, was his fellow comrade,

Farmers hung by the noose, salivating foam;

The earth is cracked in many odd places, the watery soul escaping-

The aqueous demarcation between life and death slowly evaporating…


Teachers repeating the age old fact-

“Repeat after me, the earth is more than seventy percent water,

So are our bodies…”

The problem is that, water is omnipresent, water is everywhere-

It sees things that cannot be unseen,

It  experiences things that no one should ever feel;

Water is a five letter word,

Which is owned by another five letter word,



Art by- Satyaki Sarkar

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