[Early Stone Age]
“hhhhu yhw tnseod ti kaerb?”
“siht gniht si hguot sa a kcor ”

Two Stone Age men were trying to break a nut with a stone but in vain. One of them had injured himself in the process even. Mankind had started using the first primordial tools, humanity was a baby rocking in a cradle of rocks and leaves.
“stel dnif gnihtemos esle ot tae”
One of them suggested searching for something else.
The other agreed, stating they better look for fruits. As luck would have it, the luscious fruits were too high for them to either climb or bring down by throwing stones. As they were proposing a solution their limited minds could offer, they heard a strange hissing sound. They looked up, now several other members of their flock were attracted to the noise and they had all gathered at the source to investigate. A huge cloud had engulfed them all.
Mixed reactions followed; some were too shocked to even react, many of them were simply shouting out of anger or exhilaration while others were afraid. Some looked on, their jaws dropping in awe. They were witnessing something spectacular, gods raining down from the sky. They bowed their heads down to the three who came down from the clouds with shimmering lights, like a miniature sun. They descended into the primitive race and rose as gods amongst them.
[Earth, 1.3 million years later…]

Humankind discovered the trick to modulate genes and strengthen it substantially. They invented time travel as the icing on the cake; nobody thought it would be this simple, bending space-time curvature to man’s needs and necessities. Ultimately, man-made time bow down to him. By utilizing the age-old worm hole theories  and adding some nips here and there, humans have taken the next giant leap.

One that will significantly alter his past, future and definitely the present.
[Present Day]
Today is a big day. The big day.
The three astronauts embark on a journey to the past, to study human evolution first hand. They board their time travelling ship aptly called “vaso de tempo” which literally translates to the vessel of time.
The red button clicks and almost instantaneously a temporal field engulfs the vessel.
[Early Stone Age]
It’s been three weeks since the explorers arrived, they have been given the status of a god. The natives looked all the same to them, ape-like making incoherent and incessant noises in the name of communication. They disgusted them, to think that they evolved from them!
The furry idiots made them cringe.

A female carried a platter of exotic fruits, her hairy fuzzy body showing signs of injury and strain, clearly indicating the fact that gathering these fruits was not easy for her. One of the time travellers expressed his delight in the ancient language, they’ve learned quickly.


He put his hands around the female’s shoulder and they went to a separate partition in the cave. Moments later loud shrieks were heard, but they were familiar shrieks by now.


[Present Day]

Interplanetary and interstellar advancements received huge boosts within an extremely short span. This came as no surprise. The whole timeline was affected and people in it were all accustomed to the changes. Thousands of years of development achieved within moments. Religion was downsized, science was the new religion, and physics and mathematics were its language.


[Early Stone Age]

The gods in shiny space suits had to leave. They could not stay forever. Their work was done here. The time travellers left some of their tools in this age so that the Stone Age men could study them and make giant strides in technology and science.



One of the travellers had particularly grown fond of his mate, the female who offered them exotic fruits some weeks before. It seemed that exploitation of the feminine gender had started from the beginning of mankind itself as she was a subject of violence and incessant rape.

“peek siht htiw uoy”

He had given her his laser gun, out of worry for her. This traveller did the exact thing he was told not to do, involve emotionally with the natives. He even showed her how to use by killing a few reptiles and shooting fruits right of the high branches that held them.

She had clapped and grunted excitedly. She was happy, secure.

“knaht uoy”

She expressed her gratitude and licked his cheek. He felt it was a gross gesture but did not say anything. The time traveller smiled inside.


[Present Day]

The three time travelling heroes returned home, but a surprise waited for them. A big, bad surprise. The “vaso de tempo” landed inside a crater that was almost a mile across and half as deep. They were dumbfounded, what could have caused this to their near utopian society? Once they climbed the hole that must have looked like a bad scar on the surface of the Earth, a shock awaited them.

The whole planet was on the verge of destruction and they saw missiles lighting the horizon like fireworks. A boom here, a thud there accompanied with the sound of lasers and bullets.

Earth was witnessing an all out war. The scenario was so different before and after they time leaped that three of them thought themselves to be in some kind of nightmarish dream, only if they could wake up.

But this wasn’t a dream, not even close. This was reality, a reality that all of them wished didn’t exist.


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