The last letter…

To you,

You did not leave me in a day, a month or a year even. You left me slowly without even letting me realize it. You left me the moment you chose me. And there I was, already the product of your dilemma and confusion.

I don’t blame you, I don’t blame your complex mind, I don’t blame your poor decision-making capabilities, I don’t blame your demented thoughts; hell I don’t even blame myself.

I blame destiny for bringing us together, I blame fate for making our paths cross, I blame providence for it did not keep me ready with any contingency plan. You left me, I had no other choice but to forget your existence and time is a great ally to have in times like these. I was flanked from all sides by you, not by any of your skills or good looks or anything that people get attracted to you by. I was flanked by the whole of ‘you’; caught off guard.

The other day when I was searching on my computer for the warm memories of us together, I was greeted with a sharp pang of nothingness.

But should a day come when I’ll have to choose between you and you, I’ll choose myself.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for teaching me not to love someone unconditionally until you get the same amount back. Not a smile less, not a tear more.

From me.

© Biswadeep

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