#insta_creations (Part-XI)

1) “…you sit in the wheelchair of the future, yet the only thing you can think of is the paralysis of the past.”


2) The lies of yesterday marinated with the flavors of tomorrow and deep fried within the convinces of the present. The truth shouldn’t be bitter, after all.


3) A hue of a sky-blue called aspiration, a splash of the puddle-brown called depression, a tinge of grass-green called peace and a dash of concrete-ash called despair. Life’s a palette of emotions colored by us. Some create masterpieces, some barely fill the canvas.


4) Looking back, the only things I see are the faults of the past and the impending fallacies of the future.


5) Telling a lie is somewhat similar to smoking. You enjoy while you’re doing it yourself, but get irritated when others blow it on your face.


6) What is your power?
I write to be heard.
How’s it going so far?
I hear myself now, something I was not accustomed to doing before.


7) Tonight, let us not undress-
Instead, let us delve deep into ourselves;
By opening up our souls instead…
Sharing secrets will be our ‘foreplay’
And confessions will be our ‘sex’.
Tonight’s going to be a different kind of night.


8) “Good night sunshine,” he said with an icy cold voice as he tightened the braces around her arms and legs.
That day she learned that real monsters don’t lurk under the bed, but rather outside it.


9) I’ll treat you as a poem; and then, perhaps you’ll treat me like a haiku. I don’t mind as long as ‘i’ am an alphabet in your l‘i’fe.


10) On claustrophobic nights, after you toss the last cigarette butt down the toilet and flush it, do you see the newfound frustrations and lost aspirations staring back at you?


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself


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