#insta_creations (Part-XVIII)

1) The tree of life grew from the seed of death.


2) Do you know what is the problem with our world?

People tend to forget impactful verses; powerful words written on paper tend to fade away and corrode. But platinum, gold and silver don’t. They stick around long enough to remind us of our greed and longings.


3) We’re all spiders spinning complicated webs of lies, confusion, hate, deceit, and betrayal; waiting to trap innocent, malnourished insects. Sometimes in a cruel play of irony, we end up getting caught in the web of another spider.


4) Death is the greatest unifier amongst us all.


5) What if while burying the past you accidentally unearth the future?


6) “Have faith in me,” whispered god from the heavens.
“I hope you’re right,” sniggered the devil from earth.


7) She is a beautiful paradox. She is the answer to all his questions as well as the question to all his answers.


8) The little girl laid beside her mother’s still warm corpse, moments ago they were bombed. She burned in anger as she cried. Years later she meticulously tracked down her mother’s killer and killed him in cold blood.
Just for once, revenge equaled redemption.


9) After that fateful day, we needed reasons to talk to one another. Tonight, sitting comfortably on my grave bathed by the pale moonlight, I earnestly hope my death is reason enough.


10) At one moment I feel so much that I’m overwhelmed. At another, I feel empty, soulless and hollow. At one instant I am an ocean roaring with emotions. During another, I’m an empty canal wishing the rains to wash me with all kinds of feelings. So much that I want to drown in them. My life is a continuous oscillation between these two states. A continuous battle of which side to choose and be on, at what time. Alas, neither my choices nor my timings are correct.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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