An Exercise Partner Can Improve Your Results


The importance of exercising daily is undeniable in today’s world. With the rising cases of obesity and other related diseases, it is extremely important that every individual follow some kind of exercise regimen to keep themselves healthy and fit. Obesity is spreading like a global pandemic and with the advent of junk and processed foods, people are becoming prone to cardiovascular diseases a lot.


According to the United Nations data, world obesity has increased manifold since 1975. Today there are nearly three times more overweight and obese people around than in 1975. Around 41 million children aged below 5 years, died from obesity in 2016 alone. Obesity attacks children and adults alike. But the good news is that obesity can be controlled and cured and exercise is the best way to do it.

Benefits of exercising with a partner

According to a study done by Brandon Irwin at Michigan State University, feeling inadequate is one of the key factors why people don’t exercise much or till their full potential. In a controlled environment, 58 college-aged females were asked to ride a stationary gym bike for as long as possible over a four-week six-session period. They were then told that each one of them had a virtual partner who outdid their performance on the bike by cycling 40% longer than they did. In response, 90% of the college-aged females increased the time spent on cycling. This shows how healthy competition between partners can result in an excess output by the same individual.

Exercising with a partner helps motivate the individual on a daily basis. This is because we are largely influenced by our peers and what they do, we are more likely to listen to our friends than our elders. Therefore, a good exercise partner is someone who is not only an exercise partner but also a friend who motivates you to push harder which is essential while exercising. In many cases, the exercise partner might be a professional coach or exercise instructor who can impart valuable advice in return for a particular skill that you might have so that both individuals can trade skills and end up learning two things at once. It is only logical that competition pushes an individual to work harder, and in turn achieve more. An exercise partner boosts this feeling of competition amongst the individuals and improves the overall performance of the group. Not only an exercise partner but a sports partner who encourages any labour-intensive sports is also equally good. In addition, if the exercise partner is a health freak, then there is an added advantage that you will get important advice on maintaining your diet to complement the exercise routine.


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