5 Most bizarre sports around the world

Sports for us may mean cricket, football, rugby, baseball, tennis and the other known ones but there are also weird and bizarre sports being played all around the world that we don’t know of. These sports are so uncanny that it may seem very hard that they are really played all around the world in various countries. As strange as they may sound, these sports are not entirely useless as they combine the skill and guts of a player at the peak level.

Having a closer look at these games will definitely make you say ‘I don’t believe it’ or ‘Unbelievable’. They are fun and exciting to play. While some games are crossovers or hybrids of two known games, the others are truly bizarre and mind-boggling as well. Some of the bizarre sports include the following games-

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is a sport where the participants take ironing to the next and highest level possible by taking their iron boards and iron only to iron clothes at extreme locations. According to the official ironing bureau, the Extreme Ironing Bureau extreme ironing makes use of a dangerous outdoor location with well-pressed clothing. The participants get photographed while they are at it.

Sometimes this sport is even doubted to be a real sport at all, but the locations where this sport takes place has worked wonders in raising the publicity of the sport to newer heights. Forests, mountains, in a snowboard or canoe, atop bronze statues, underwater, in the middle of a motorway or while parachuting the locations definitely are bizarre! Purists claim the sport began first in Leicester, England at around 1997.

Chess Boxing

A hybrid sport that combines chess along with boxing, chess boxing was first invented and described by French filmmaker and artist Enki Bilal in his comic book named Froid Equateur in the year 1992 and was organized by Iepe Rubingh, not until the year 2003. Opponents are pitted against each other in alternate rounds of boxing and chess, the winner is decided after tallying both the results.

This game is particularly popular in Germany, Britain and Russia. The game consists of a total of 11 rounds, 5 rounds of boxing and 6 rounds of chess. Each round lasts for 3 minutes irrespective of whether it is a boxing round or a chess one. This makes a total of 18 minutes of playing chess which means 9 minutes for each player. The game went global and widespread with the formation of the WCBO (world chess boxing organization) in 2011.


Buzkashi meaning ‘Goat dragging’ is the national game of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and other central Asian countries where participants on horses battle each other for a carcass of an animal; generally a goat and throw it into a circle or tub which denotes a point scored. There may be a hundred competitors on horses, vying for the carcass and people many times wear protective clothing so as to protect themselves from the whips, boots and many a time stray bullets.

The game can run on for several days and the origin of the game is still largely unknown, but the game has gained popularity and is shown in many movies as well. Each team consists of up to 10 players and since a dead and decapitated animal is played with, there is no confusion that roughness exists.


Again a hybrid sport this combines juggling and jogging together to form a unique blend called ‘Joggling’. Players often called jogglers to carry three or more juggling balls or clubs while jogging. There are mainly three types of joggling, the first being speed joggling where participants compete to juggle a particular distance in the minimum time. Then comes error-free joggling where competitors jog and juggle for the longest time without a single mistake. Lastly, trick jogglers whose aim is to perform maximum juggles while running a mile.

World joggling championships are held each year organized by the International Jogglers’ Association. The first championships were recorded in the year 1980 in Fargo, North Dakota. Many players have Guinness World Records in their name.


This is a type of contact sport that was developed in ancient India and spread around in the centuries to come. Kabaddi is a crossover between tag and wrestling and is played between two teams consisting of a total of 12 members (7 playing and 5 in reserve) and the objective of the game is to raid the enemy’s territory. This is done by taking turns to send a player to the enemy territory and on the condition that the player will not draw any breath while he is there.

However, this is to be done by chanting ‘Kabaddi’ all the time (so as to eliminate any arguments regarding the holding of breath). Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh and Nepal and the state game of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Bihar. India has claimed the maximum number of awards in this game.

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