7 Reasons Why Aliens Will Invade the Earth

Have you ever wondered if one day sluggish, slimy aliens with huge battleships will conquer the Earth? Imagine for a few moments, if you will, what would happen if one fine day your weirdest sci-fi movie came true? Although extraterrestrial life outside Earth has never conclusively been found yet, it is one of the answers that scientists all over the world are vying to answer.

Physicists like Michio Kaku and Stephen Spielberg are among the popular ones who have used the term ‘Goldilocks Zone’ to refer to a distance of a planet from the star which enables the planet to support life. While Earth is naturally within this zone, there are innumerable planets in the billions of galaxies that surround us that also fall into this zone. Thus it is not entirely incorrect to think that maybe we’re not alone or that maybe we will soon be visited by an intelligent race. Will it be for the better or worse? I guess we’ll have to find it out!

In this Digital Dribble piece, let’s look at some good reasons why Earth may find itself surrounded by aliens and their spaceships any day now-

  • Earth has some vital resources that aliens desperately want

The universe is said to be formed at the time of the ‘Big Bang’ and precisely at that time is when our elements and compounds were formed. Earth and its components- humans and everything that has life are presumed to be made up of stardust, a combination of everything that makes up the universe. Many science fiction novels, cinemas and even cartoons have projected that aliens may come to Earth to mine some vital minerals which are not available on their home planet, making it the cause of an invasion. In the movie Cowboys & Aliens, the aliens come to Earth in search of precious gold (and you thought only we humans crave it!)

  • Aliens wanting to domesticate us

As you may have seen depicted in TV shows, sometimes power crazy aliens possess an unlimited desire to enslave and capture other species! While this may seem dangerous and crazy, it is a likely fact that a massive horde of aliens are en-route our planet while you’re reading this article! Just as we have developed an instinct for domesticating dogs and cats, aliens might be trying out the same thing on us! Who knows if it’ll work or if we make excellent pets? Either way, the idea is scary enough. If you want to immerse yourself deeper into this intriguing universe, we’d recommend watching War of the Worlds!

  •  Aliens are afraid of us

Humans are an advanced species. Aliens may feel threatened and attack us out of an insecurity complex. They could do so with the help of probes carrying bacteria or by using sophisticated weaponry, both designed to annihilate us. Perhaps aliens can wipe out entire cities while sitting thousands of miles away, enjoying everyone dying. Isn’t it horrific to imagine?

  • Humans as food

Though highly unexpected, it is not improbable that humans could be a source of nourishment for the aliens! Think about what we do to chickens and other sources of meat? Now imagine aliens developing a natural taste for human flesh. There’s no denying that our ancestors were cannibalistic, which indicates human flesh has nutritional value. Aliens may hunt us down for food. However, we must note that a race that has mastered travelling huge interstellar distances must have some food production method already inherently installed. Nevertheless, the probability cannot be ruled out.

  • Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold and again we’re talking about possibilities so maybe they are iRevenge is a dish best served cold. Since we’re talking about all kinds of possibilities, it’s quite probable that aliens are infuriated with us over something that happened in the past they are now coming back for revenge! A key plot in many sci-fi stories, the premise that humans may have angered aliens in the past cannot be ignored or ruled out. It is believed that life on Earth evolved due to seeding by extraterrestrial organisms. Thus, it isn’t unlikely that another species may hold grudges against us.

  • Water

Almost more than two-thirds of the planet is submerged in water and aliens might be after our huge reservoir of water rather than us! Even that way would mean the end of humanity as we know it. Several serials and films show hordes of aliens coming to Earth to steal the scarce clear liquid resource by hook or crook. We cannot imagine giant suckers sucking up the Earth’s water into the reservoirs present on their spaceships.

  • Our DNA

Biologists and scientists have not yet unlocked the mystery of our DNA even with their multi-million dollar equipment. There remains a chance that an evolved species like aliens have possibly decoded it and want us for our DNA. Perhaps our DNA has a compound that is vital for them! Numerous genomes have not been decoded by mankind to date and when these genomes are transplanted to extraterrestrials, it might give them immortality or other such superpowers! Some food for thought, huh!

Interested in reading more about the mysteries of the world? Check out this article!

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