7 interesting facts on crop circles

Crop circles were first discovered in the 1600s and are can be seen even today in large fields around the world, predominantly in the United Kingdom (UK). They got mainstream popularity in the late 1970s and to date, many such crop circles have been invented so far (more than 10,000), they have been researched and documented but nobody could find out the creator of these massive crop circles and it remains a mystery so far. As intriguing and mysterious as it may sound these crop circles spanned about hundreds of feet and the whole figure can only be visible from the sky and nowhere else. Although the crops would be burnt in most cases, they could also be fallen a few inches from the ground. Here we present to you 7 reasons why these crop circles are an enigma to all of us?

  • Who built them?

The first question that pops up in your mind is who built these massive patterns on the crop fields? Are these some kinds of hoax? Or built by someone else? Anyway, either of these theories is cool enough! Some cerealogists (people who study crop circles) say that these are messages left by intelligent life forms outside that of Earth. Others say these are mistakes or blunders caused by them! Fascinating isn’t it? But think of this: why travel intergalactic distances just to build a crop circle on a planet called Earth! WHY? But they are not from now and are mentioned even in the Bible and folklores preceding hundreds of years back.

  • Worldwide phenomenon

Not only the United Nations, but countries such as Russia, Japan, and Canada have also all experienced crop circles. In most cases, they tend to be elliptical rather than circular. They have been found in more than 29 countries like Austria, New Zealand, Peru, Romania, Israel, Egypt, Chile, Uruguay, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and many others in addition to the ones mentioned above. All of the above countries and countless others experience crops that are either burnt or bent and intertwined to form such massive complex geometrical structures. Thus the term ‘circle’ in a crop circle does not imply they are only comprised of circles, there are straight lines, triangles and a variety of other shapes and sizes that form a complex pattern.

  • Hoax

In the 1970s Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed that they caused most of the crop circle hoax and their inspiration was an instance when a UFO flattened a swamp reed in Australia. Of course, the UFO was a rumour! The general idea was that any UFO when settles on such big fields tends to form an impression of its chassis by either burning or bending the crops and thus these crop circles would form. In the year 1991, these pranksters also came into the news when they claimed they created the crop circles by using simple tools like ropes, a plank of wood and some simple improvised machinery. But these too were declared as hoaxes, but Bower and Chorley did inspire many artists around the globe to create their own crop circle.

  • Crops within the circle vs. crops outside it

Another valid question that comes to our minds is if there are changes to the crops which are present inside the circle as opposed to the normal crops outside them. Well, guess what! Many scientists have claimed many different theories! According to some, these crops within the circle show long term exposure to damage while in some other cases they grew under controlled environments, studies show. Still, there is some heavy debate on that topic among various scientists. Some even believe a magnetic force causes the plants to re-align. A detailed study shows crops were heated from inside which caused such abnormalities, and that can only be caused by infra-sonic or ultra-sonic waves.

  • Geometry

As mentioned earlier, they come in various forms and shapes. Elliptical crop patterns are much harder to produce than circular ones and some of them have so complex geometry that you could not even remotely imagine! They are shaped into vortexes or spinning and swirling circles of epic proportions. Some are done according to the Golden Ratio or ‘phi’ that exists all around us and is called the God Ratio. In another case, the inner circle was one-fourth of the outer circle in precise measurements. Such mind-boggling accuracy is hard to achieve by hand with the most modern tools available! Some even have the famous Pythagorean theorem or Euclidean geometry in them!

  • Soil composition

The soil inside these patterns are also examined for traces of ‘out-of-this-world-materials’ and you would not believe it when I tell you that researchers found the composition of soil inside them had traces of radioactive isotopes having short spans. Also, the composition of soil which is present there would be achieved only if the soil is baked to 1500C or more to produce distinct crystalline structure within it and the crops as well. Radioactive isotopes like Ytterbium 169, Vanadium 48, Bismuth 205, Rhodium 102, Tellurium 119m, Lead 203, Iodine 126, Europium 146, Rhodium 102m, and Protactinium 230 were also found and it must be noted that they can only be created at nuclear reactors! Little iron beads were also found at the site of the crop circles.

  • Who is out there?

At the end of the article, we can conclude by saying such precision and the presence of such radioactive isotopes suggests something bigger is at play here. Perhaps the most famous encounter was of Colin Andrews who wrote the book “Crop Circles- signs of contact” where he also explains his cow to have been slaughtered by laser and its internal organs and nerves removed; as if surgery had been done. Many people also claimed to have seen balls of light/energy trying to communicate with them and some scientists believe, extra-terrestrials are trying to send information to us via geometry and numbers.  He also claimed to have seen a live crop circle form in front of his eyes and look like a small tornado. There are many films based on crop circles, “Signs” by M.Night Shyamalan being one of them. Have you seen it yet?

M. Night Shyamalan's Signs: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

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