Microsoft’s Activision acquisition: rocket fuel for Microsoft’s gaming ambitions

Takeaways from the Microsoft-Activision deal With emerging technology playing a crucial part in today’s gaming experience, it makes sense for Microsoft, a leading technology and gaming company, to acquire Activision, a leading game publisher. Microsoft is set to benefit from the deal to a great extent by leveraging an ecosystem composed of its products and services which complement one another. However, Activision brings many positives and negatives, and it is up to Microsoft to strategically address them. The path ahead is difficult but, if properly implemented, would prove invaluable for Microsoft’s global gaming domination.

Will the prolonged Corona Virus problem in China destabilise business in India and around the world?

The COVID-19 is an illness that is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has been wrecking across the globe for quite some time now. This article serves to show that the devastation that Coronavirus has wrought has not just harmed China but the global economy as well. A pandemic has almost always had far-reaching consequences and throughout history, whenever there has been the slightest hint of a global pandemic, business, health, economy, and public life have suffered gravely.

Can India be free of single-use plastics by 2022?

Plastic is both a miracle and a curse for the modern world; miracle owing to its far-reaching usage and its strength and adaptability and curse because of the fact that those long polymer chains that make plastic so indispensable also render it nondegradable. Truly the world is full of ironies; take the case of single-use plastics, for example, we use single-use plastics for maybe a few hours at most but they remain on the earth's surface for hundreds of years before disappearing from the face of the planet.

India’s stance on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

India walked out on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership deal and this article will serve to look at the critical aspects of India’s exit and explain the consequences in a broader aspect.

How is Experiential Marketing shaping Customer Interaction and the Market?

Experiential Marketing may be defined as a marketing strategy that aims to engage customers into participating in the primary brand experience. Experiential Marketing aims to directly involve customers into active co-creation rather than just being passive respondents. A glaring example of this would be Apple retail stores.

How Did Marketing Strategies Evolve in Response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has delivered a devastating blow to the world economy and has forced companies to drastically change the way business is done. More than 63 Million people have contracted the disease, and it has claimed the lives of almost 1.5 Million, putting the mortality rate at about 2.32%. As a second wave of cases come under the radar, governments all across the world are putting more stringent lockdown measures. The recovery rate is steadily rising and is currently at a healthy 69.15%

Developing Infrastructure for Differently abled

The lexicon defines a "differently-abled individual" as someone who has a physical or mental disability that limits the individual from performing normal day to day functions. But the cold-hearted definition does not take into account emotions, it only defines the term as it is. It is therefore much prudent to refer such individuals not as disabled, but differently-abled, as there are examples aplenty wherein differently-abled people have achieved so much more than people without disabilities.

Restraining Anxiety and Importance of Mental Health during Isolation

As the situation around us worsens progressively every day, something that needs to be talked about but isn’t given enough importance is mental health. The psychological impacts of quarantine on the brain can be significant. The disorientating fact about mental health during a global pandemic is the fact that there are multiple dimensions to it. As more and more existing employees are furloughed and terminated and new employee offers rescinded, this induces extreme stress pressure on the minds of those affected.

Brand Revival Strategy: Onida TV

Established in 1981, Onida was the pioneer in the television industry in the country. There was a time when every household boasted of an Onida TV. Neighbours would flock around from adjoining homes to see India play Pakistan on an Onida; memories were made. Alas, Onida, the brand that redefined the TV watching experience during our childhood is suffering heavily. Onida in the previous year clocked in a meagre turnover of Rs. 736.37 crore with only 8% revenue growth. Although this projects a positive image in the sense that the brand has not entirely died down, a lot still needs to be done.

Artificial Intelligence: Changing Business Amidst COVID-(AI Adoption before and during COVID-19)

AI is an overarching term that encompasses many technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing so it makes sense to look at the adoption rates keeping in mind the industry and the technology involved. The graph below shows the breakdown of AI Adoption in 2019 and again the type of technology used in a particular industry depends heavily upon the characteristics of the industry itself. High Tech is leading the other industries in usage and adoption of Machine Learning while Robotic Process Automation is rightly mostly used in Automotive Industry.