But first, let me take a selfie!

Out of the three girls, Tanya was the oddity, she had an obsession of taking selfies- of herself and her friends; just to show the world how good a time she was having. Not that she was anything against beautiful, but her obsession had previously caused her delayed arrival at her destinations, not to mention the times when she had failed to make preemptive calculations and failed. All because of the urge to click a selfie, everywhere, every time and with everyone she knew of.

Vhridhashram (Part-II)

Years passed on and Jyoti experienced in firsthand what parenthood was really like. Vrindavani gave birth to a healthy mature boy; they named him Joy as his birth gave them immense joy. But what Vrinda and Jyoti did not realize was the fact that they were going to be trapped into a cruel game of destiny and fate. Jyotirmoy and Vrindavani worked round the clock in their respective offices to get Joy the best of everything, thus sacrificing things for themselves as well.  Jyotirmoy was beginning to comprehend, rather decode what his parents went through as the years passed on.

Vhridhashram (Part-I)

Bablu was too small to understand what sacrifices his parents were making so that he could grow up just like any other kid, without any difficulties. Time flew away and Bablu was soon walking all over the house, leaving his befuddling muddy footsteps everywhere. “Bablu!” Sujata cried seeing all the mess.But deep within, a sense of satisfaction has set in her by seeing how swiftly her little Bablu was growing up. The compromises kept on increasing and Ashok had to struggle to make both ends meet. To add to all the hustle, Ashok was as honest as one could be, refusing anything lucrative given to him under the desk. However, ideals would not fill an empty stomach; Ashok would often receive curses from her wife.

The white calf (Part-II)

Shramana broke down into uncontrollable tears, and did not stop no matter how much Arijit told her to. From the looks of it, she definitely was going through a breakdown. That is when little Nirbhay got down from his chair and hugged his mother. Surprisingly enough, Shramana consoled herself restricting her tears as much as she could. It was no surprise that Sarla, Shramana’s mother did not survive the accident and Shramana attributed herself for the death of her mother.

The white calf (Part-I)

Again, call it luck or something divine, their 15thanniversary fell on a Sunday. So, Arijit got some time to unwind with his two favorite people, his wife and his son Nirbhay. Nirbhay was studying in class 6 and Arijit had seen him grow up, like the tiny plant amidst his garden which he planted on the day his son was born. What Arijit loved the most about kids was their curiosity and inquisitiveness, the way they always question about everything that catches their eye and Nirbhay was no exception. He had his mother’s eyes, ever shining and full of life.

Midnight ramblings- VII (The pain I choose to feel…)

If I cut myself tonight, would you feel the pain? Of course not! It’s a stupid thing to ask, really. How could you? Especially when we have not spoken a word to each other for over three years now? Separation has taught me well. I learned that heartache is a difficult thing to heal. It is better to focus the pain elsewhere. Because there are no pills for heartache. There are no bandages available to heal the invisible gaping wound. The only option left is ‘time’, and that doesn’t heal very fast. Sometimes, it doesn’t heal at all.

14 lacks

*Flashback* Sameer was impregnated with sadness as he looked at his mother’s expensive gold jewelry. Was the decision which he took the right one? Hardly. He could tell. Standing behind him were Ramu and Shyamal, they were carrying their previous day’s loot in a sack- the result of inadvertent planning. Sameer sat beside the tracks, his eyes glued to the boisterous landscape, and he reminisced about the event which occurred yesterday’s night.


It was evident she could not untie herself- the audience went to a shock, paralyzed with sheer fear. Harsh could think of nothing- his mind went blank as he anticipated the worst, he kept murmuring about the type of knot he tied on her, did he mistakenly tie the wrong knot? Was it even remotely possible? It was their sacrosanct, their secret.


“No”, was all she could reply. She could not think of anything else than this, dancing to the folklore has been her passion and everything in her life till this date meant this thing. Be it risky as it was, but she was clearly against transition. For her, the nascent had no meaning. Bhagyashree therefore knowingly kicked the opportunity away. In addition, who would look after her mother when she was gone?


They were almost on the verge of completing six months of living together coupled with being in a relationship and on one such fateful night, she was en-route to her mother’s place when halfway through her journey she realized, she’d forgotten an important gift she purchased for her mother weeks ago. On reaching the apartment where they both resided, she found it was locked from the inside. Margaret called an umpteen number of times before her knock took the form of banging, suddenly the door swung open and there ‘her Ben’ stood, stark naked with a particular dominatrix at his feet begging for mercy. Clad in the symbolic latex, she was badly bleeding from her nose and mouth, terrified of the suddenness of events. Margaret gasped putting her right hand on her mouth and looked at Ben, ‘her Ben’.