My life, (not) my rules!

“So, Biswadeep, tell me about yourself”, the man across the table enquired all the while going through my resume, looking a bit uninterested. My whole life flashed before my very eyes, and unsurprisingly my deeds of mischief glared more than the rest, like a lighthouse shining through the dead fog of night. Slowly, alphabets coalesced to form meaningful words and words fused into tangible sentences...

Hallucinating confessions of an addict

There is a phrase in Bengali, "Beshi bhalo, bhalo noi" meaning too much of anything good is definitely not better. It is almost 3:30 am and suddenly I thought of doing a quick post. During my four year term in college, I found myself becoming an addict; no, not the hardcore drug one but not … Continue reading Hallucinating confessions of an addict

The Last Sunshine

The wind kissed my face sternly for one last time as if to bid me the final farewell. I am surrounded by my friends sitting atop a platform on the roof of our beloved hostel. Four years ago, I was terrified of this insipid place and yet today I am here; wishing if time could … Continue reading The Last Sunshine

The ‘Devil’ in disguise

“Here try this”, he stretched out his arm, which held a small, white, roundish pill. I was apprehensive, hesitating even to take the pill from him. “Oh, come on! You have to take it and pop it into your mouth. And put this as well, ” he scrambled all over his pocket and with great difficulty managed to draw a candy. “The pill tastes bitter, like poison, you know.”