Picture Prompt#16

People don't fear love, they fear what might come when the love suddenly dies out. But always remember, "The harder the shell, the softer the inside."

Picture Prompt #15

Marvin always wondered how the world came to be as it is right now, he wasn’t educated, he didn’t know the value of tan 15 degrees but he did know how to use a scoped assault rifle. He had been providing his family, food with the help of the deadly instrument. Kiya and Maya were Marvin’s world, they too had been born into this hell hole.

“The moment I felt like an adult”

Perusing through my book of memories, I find there are an uncountable number of instances when I was twenty but acted like a two-year-old and when I was small but understood or at least grasped the complexity of a given situation. There are moments in life where you need to shed every bit of the … Continue reading “The moment I felt like an adult”

Hallucinating confessions of an addict

There is a phrase in Bengali, "Beshi bhalo, bhalo noi" meaning too much of anything good is definitely not better. It is almost 3:30 am and suddenly I thought of doing a quick post. During my four year term in college, I found myself becoming an addict; no, not the hardcore drug one but not … Continue reading Hallucinating confessions of an addict

The Last Sunshine

The wind kissed my face sternly for one last time as if to bid me the final farewell. I am surrounded by my friends sitting atop a platform on the roof of our beloved hostel. Four years ago, I was terrified of this insipid place and yet today I am here; wishing if time could … Continue reading The Last Sunshine

Picture Prompt#14

I managed to find the cool shade of a summer breeze, a shade as cool as any human could be. Yet, you managed to creep in through the crevices of time; leaking and oozing all over me. You managed to remind me that you were there, lurking behind the shadows, waiting. Waiting for me to … Continue reading Picture Prompt#14

Picture Prompt#13

Son: Father, where do people go to when they die? Heaven or hell? Father: They surely go to heaven son, for we all live in a fiery hell. Son: Father, then what about bad people? Father: Well, what about them? Son: Where do bad people go after death? Do they get to go to heaven … Continue reading Picture Prompt#13

A smoke a day, and you’re on the doctor’s way…

i. “Ogo suncho, cigarette ta kothai rakhlam jano?” (Darling, do you know where I kept my cigarettes?) I was studying in my room, or at least pretending to study when Baba’s question reached my ears; I was expecting it, it was only a matter of time. This was my cue, I boldly went up to … Continue reading A smoke a day, and you’re on the doctor’s way…

Maa (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Maa, You made me, Cell by cell; inch by inch; foot by foot, You made me; See the light of the day And the dark of the night; I exist because you do. You bore nine months of hell, only to see me cry! Nature’s ironies are the strongest… Yes, there were times; When I … Continue reading Maa (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Masks (#NaPo_Wrimo)

She had several masks hanging from the wall, Their faces, drooping; Each perfect enough to impeccably cover her skull, Characterized by age old lines; Each line recounted a memory- Told a story, Horrible or sad, Happiness or envy, Horrific or mad, Intimidation or just plain bad.   “Which one should I wear today?”, she resonated … Continue reading Masks (#NaPo_Wrimo)