Midnight friends whisper

Midnight friends slur, incoherent, That I buy more of them, they are not never-ending you know; I buy them, only to hear their whispers; and to dream momentarily- My feet are unsteady and complain vigorously Before being carried away on the alcoholic pyre.

The rails

Now, as if by premonition, I knew you would leave me, ‘What did I lack?’ I asked myself, I could feel the air around me going sooty and black; I cried, yes I cried for the umpteenth time; my head ready to burst… Our love was so pure, perfect; why did it have to end? I was dying inside from your thirst, needed a ‘drop’ of you to survive, Watching the tracks I reflect, why can't we go alike them?

Reverse Shakespeare

The story has just begun; Sadly the poem’s already meddling in the middle But saddle up, for now’s not the time For rhymes and merrying around What if Lady Macbeth; instead of putting daggers Into king Duncan, decided to put some flower juice; And made up with him? And what if Puck, out of sheer mischief Decided to squeeze two drops of venom over Lysander’s eyes, inciting the snakes to pour more? Wouldn’t that be just?


Half past midnight- As the night lengthens, the drizzle morphs into the rain. The neon lady blows a kiss, in the general direction; (Primordial marketing) “Drink my beer,” says the sign.  Sure I would but not for the sign, for myself...

*23 winters*

Is living only for the sake of learning lessons? Maybe yes, maybe no- I don't know, but I'm growing old to find out 23 winters crossed my path, Making an odd snowman out of me; A slap of ice cold sorrow here, a small mound of happiness there; A twig of exasperation, a carrot of anguish Wrapped everything up with a scarf of warm feelings.

Maa (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Maa, You made me, Cell by cell; inch by inch; foot by foot, You made me; See the light of the day And the dark of the night; I exist because you do. You bore nine months of hell, only to see me cry! Nature’s ironies are the strongest… Yes, there were times; When I … Continue reading Maa (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Wax (#NaPo_Wrimo)

“Oh, so you write?” They reply with eyes either big enough to devour me whole, Or they squint, small enough to avoid me, maybe- They try to measure my worth; Worth in words. Letters.  Alphabets.   “Yes, I try.” I revert back, half-heartedly. The silence grows, drawing to an eternity till the next question pops … Continue reading Wax (#NaPo_Wrimo)

The tale of Aqua (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Water is a five letter word, Which owns the four letter word called life; Water, life and death were playmates once, With water forming the unstable bridge between the other two; Death would always win, though, by hook or by crook- Once death tricked water to befriend arsenic, A deadly amalgamation, literally; The result was … Continue reading The tale of Aqua (#NaPo_Wrimo)

The Train of Life (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Life’s but a train, Halting on various stops and platforms; Maybe only for a moment or for all eternity- But isn’t time relative? What is a moment to some, maybe an eternity to others Like in love, or just before death   The inception begins with the first cry and kick- Ends with the penultimate … Continue reading The Train of Life (#NaPo_Wrimo)

The grill of fate (#NaPo_Wrimo)

The old man, tired of life Languishing lavishly; Looking at people... Overwhelmed with the same life, That taught him a lesson... He learned it the hard way, After all, he was poor What could he do?   I'm a bystander, I see him from the other side; His side is black and white, Mine, the … Continue reading The grill of fate (#NaPo_Wrimo)