Midnight ramblings- VII (The pain I choose to feel…)

If I cut myself tonight, would you feel the pain? Of course not! It’s a stupid thing to ask, really. How could you? Especially when we have not spoken a word to each other for over three years now? Separation has taught me well. I learned that heartache is a difficult thing to heal. It is better to focus the pain elsewhere. Because there are no pills for heartache. There are no bandages available to heal the invisible gaping wound. The only option left is ‘time’, and that doesn’t heal very fast. Sometimes, it doesn’t heal at all.

Picture Prompt#8

He was depressed; often he used to put on a long sullen face and stooped his shoulders in utter defeat. As knowledgeable as he was, he decided to speak less, not because he wanted to but he because had no choice. He was an introvert. Until she came into his life and opened him in … Continue reading Picture Prompt#8