Tantalizing Tales#42

Tantalizing Tales#42 [Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and in no way tries to hurt and/or maim the Islamic religious sentiments. It would be greatly appreciated if my readers would take this as just another shitty post of mine! I beg forgiveness if my post did hurt any of my wonderful readers. Thanks.]

The grim game of Gods

He has fewer friends, he is an introvert. But he is never second when he needs help and he will repay everybody who has helped him. Two folds even. But he detests social contact and avoids it irrefutably. As the vehicle twists and turns following the roads etched across the hills, I see his mind cloud; similar to the mist enveloping the hills. He wanted this trip with his parents so badly, and now that they are almost on the finish line, he wants it to continue forever. Like a loop. These seven days of his life repeated over and over again until he felt tired of it. But for now, he wished he could continue the iteration… “Imagine the effect this will have!” remarked C-89. It would be a lie to say he wouldn’t enjoy the consequences, but then they were slaves of hardened logic; heavier than iron. Not willing to bend even a little on its own.