7 Indian Festivals from 7 Different States

India is a land where variety comes easy and going on that line, the cultural festivals are very much varied as well. A festival not only means joy and happiness, but it also means an essential display of tradition, values and culture. These festivities are entwined with the culture and lives of the people and have impacted them greatly. Every state in India has their own major festival and people become culturally alive during this time.

7 lesser-known Indian folk art forms

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and there are varying forms of folk arts as well. These folk arts are an embodiment of different cultures within the country and each one is different and unique from the rest. Every state has its own art form and they are all beautiful and breathtaking. These arts have been on the decline, some time back, but thanks to rising interest of people again in local arts, they have been thriving.

Top Indian pop bands and singers

India is a land of culture and art which also includes musicians as a whole. Over the years Indian music has evolved into a much more western-like type but that is only for us audiences and we cannot really blame anyone, can we? From pop bands to metal bands to solo singers, our country has it all! In fact, I am a fan of western music but despite being one, some Indian bands or singers can never be replaced by anyone.

Will the prolonged Corona Virus problem in China destabilise business in India and around the world?

The COVID-19 is an illness that is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has been wrecking across the globe for quite some time now. This article serves to show that the devastation that Coronavirus has wrought has not just harmed China but the global economy as well. A pandemic has almost always had far-reaching consequences and throughout history, whenever there has been the slightest hint of a global pandemic, business, health, economy, and public life have suffered gravely.

India’s stance on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

India walked out on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership deal and this article will serve to look at the critical aspects of India’s exit and explain the consequences in a broader aspect.

Developing Infrastructure for Differently abled

The lexicon defines a "differently-abled individual" as someone who has a physical or mental disability that limits the individual from performing normal day to day functions. But the cold-hearted definition does not take into account emotions, it only defines the term as it is. It is therefore much prudent to refer such individuals not as disabled, but differently-abled, as there are examples aplenty wherein differently-abled people have achieved so much more than people without disabilities.

Millets: The future crop of India

Millet is the term given to a collective group of small-seeded grass (Poaceae, which is the scientific term for grass) that primarily grows in developing countries like India, Niger, Mali and Nigeria. Being one of the earliest cultivated crops, millets was primarily considered to be a major ingredient in bird seeds, but it is interesting to note that millets have been used in making beer, flatbreads, porridges and other fermented beverages for many years now.

The 1998 Financial Crisis of Russia

The Russian Crisis of 1998, also known as the Ruble crisis, hit the country on August 17th, 1998, against the backdrop of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Union was then broken down into 15 independent countries. With Mikhail Gorbachev resigning from his post as the President of the Soviet Union, Russia came out … Continue reading The 1998 Financial Crisis of Russia

Redefining Supply Chains to Better Respond to Global Catastrophes

This article tries to touch upon the important points that need to be followed to establish supply chain management systems that are responsive to not only global threats but local as well. In addition, it also talks about the perfect Supply Chain Management System, and the measures to Reorganize, Redefine, and Redesign the supply chains in the current context or in the context of a global catastrophe.