A detailed list of books containing my stories/poems

A detailed list about the various books (anthologies) that I have contributed in till date and the links to buy them. Also includes my own experimental e-Book called "The Plight of The Pilgrim"

Reverse Shakespeare

The story has just begun;

Sadly the poem’s already meddling in the middle

But saddle up, for now’s not the time

For rhymes and merrying around

What if Lady Macbeth; instead of putting daggers

Into king Duncan, decided to put some flower juice;

And made up with him?

And what if Puck, out of sheer mischief

Decided to squeeze two drops of venom over Lysander’s eyes, inciting the snakes to pour more?

Wouldn’t that be just?

*23 winters*

Is living only for the sake of learning lessons?
Maybe yes, maybe no-
I don't know, but I'm growing old to find out

23 winters crossed my path,
Making an odd snowman out of me;
A slap of ice cold sorrow here, a small mound of happiness there;
A twig of exasperation, a carrot of anguish
Wrapped everything up with a scarf of warm feelings.

Come, let us…

[On the occasion of World Poetry Day, I conjured up this short poem.]   Come, let’s make poetry together, Instead of waging needless wars; Let’s make a world; Where people will laugh and cry, Not because they are sad or in anguish- But because they're emotionally overwhelmed…   Let’s drown in words and emotions alike; … Continue reading Come, let us…