#insta_creations (Part-XIX)

We are a crude sponge, sucking away on a plethora of emotions, cultures, violence, lust, greed and hate while walking on the year road towards all-consuming eternal oblivion.

But first, let me take a selfie!

Out of the three girls, Tanya was the oddity, she had an obsession of taking selfies- of herself and her friends; just to show the world how good a time she was having. Not that she was anything against beautiful, but her obsession had previously caused her delayed arrival at her destinations, not to mention the times when she had failed to make preemptive calculations and failed. All because of the urge to click a selfie, everywhere, every time and with everyone she knew of.

An unusual request

After all, life itself on this planet is the result of overcoming innumerable obstacles and initial bumps and look where we are now. A reader can help shape and mold a writer's future, or better, a reader can help "write" a brighter future for a writer.