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Sharing some links for readers to read and appreciate/like/share/criticize/opinionate. Please follow the links to read the respective stories or poems or articles (whatever the case may be). Thank you!

An unusual request

After all, life itself on this planet is the result of overcoming innumerable obstacles and initial bumps and look where we are now. A reader can help shape and mold a writer's future, or better, a reader can help "write" a brighter future for a writer.

Who am I?

I am the universe’s remnants crammed up into decades worth of bad experiences; I am an extension of every star there is. I am the result of more than a million years of evolution, which maybe went a bit southwards. I am the product of all my achievements divided by the sum of my failures.

Wax (#NaPo_Wrimo)

“Oh, so you write?” They reply with eyes either big enough to devour me whole, Or they squint, small enough to avoid me, maybe- They try to measure my worth; Worth in words. Letters.  Alphabets.   “Yes, I try.” I revert back, half-heartedly. The silence grows, drawing to an eternity till the next question pops … Continue reading Wax (#NaPo_Wrimo)