5 Strange Japanese Inventions and their Stranger Uses

The art of making inventions that are genuine, crazy and super inventive is called Chindogu.  They are strange but they are bound to make you laugh and tickle your imagination. Though they are absurd inventions they are never put into practical use or never sold. Invented by Dr Nakamats in the late 1980’s Chindogu is an exclusive feature of Japan.

The Role of Blockchain as a Future Technology Tool in Business

In the simplest of terms, blockchain essentially contains a chain of records (or blocks, hence the name) that keeps growing as more and more data is added onto it. Each block of data has a timestamp of the previous block thereby creating a ledger of sorts that can be used to store data and transactions.

The Adoption of Technology in Logistics and Multi-Modal Transport

Logistics throughout the world is primarily done via three main channels- Air, Water and Roadways. With increasing globalization, these three modes of transport now intermingle with each other to form a combined system of transportation called the Multimodal Transport. With the advent of e-commerce all over the world, Multimodal Transport is quintessential for the effective transport of goods & services all over the continent.