7 Reasons Why Aliens Will Invade the Earth

Has the topic ever crossed your head that sluggish, slimy aliens would one day come with huge battleships and conquer Earth? Imagine for a few moments, if you will, what would happen if one fine day your weirdest sci-fi movie came true? Well, extraterrestrial life outside Earth has never conclusively been found till now but it is one of the answers that scientists all around the world are vying to answer. In this article, I cite some good reasons why Earth may suddenly find itself surrounded by them and their spaceships any day now.

The tale of Aqua (#NaPo_Wrimo)

Water is a five letter word, Which owns the four letter word called life; Water, life and death were playmates once, With water forming the unstable bridge between the other two; Death would always win, though, by hook or by crook- Once death tricked water to befriend arsenic, A deadly amalgamation, literally; The result was … Continue reading The tale of Aqua (#NaPo_Wrimo)