Lessons from life-I

I looked at the abandoned train tracks ahead and laughed at the irony. I did not know, just like the tracks ahead, where my life was going, in which direction it was going to take. Funny thing is, years after, fully sober, much clear-headed and with a little bit of maturity in, I still don't.

Happy Mother’s Day

“Honey, your soup is ready”, said the kind old lady. Jonaki’s aunt was not her real kin, someone who too got involved in a prostitution ring and was in police custody. On the top of that, she herself was impoverished and penniless.  Jonaki was soon picked up by a local NGO and within weeks, a meeting was set up with the elderly woman who decided to adopt her until Shiuli arrived. “This is tasty! This is chicken naa?” questioned Jonaki with delight, her eyes shining. “No this is a mushroom!” the lady retorted back, barely trying to hide the pseudo anger. She wanted to raise the little girl to be adept in all the city methods. “You’re excited about the meeting tomorrow, isn’t it?” the woman patted Jonaki’s back smiling.