India’s stance on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

India walked out on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership deal and this article will serve to look at the critical aspects of India’s exit and explain the consequences in a broader aspect.

The 1998 Financial Crisis of Russia

The Russian Crisis of 1998, also known as the Ruble crisis, hit the country on August 17th, 1998, against the backdrop of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Union was then broken down into 15 independent countries. With Mikhail Gorbachev resigning from his post as the President of the Soviet Union, Russia came out … Continue reading The 1998 Financial Crisis of Russia

Technology: A Major Driver for India’s Growth in the Next Decade

India is one of the major economies in today's modern, dynamic world and is at the forefront of being positively affected by technology. Today, after more than 70 years of independence, there has been a lot of massive improvements made in almost all fields imaginable, and a significant chunk of that can be attributed to the role of technology.