And I couldn’t take my eyes off…

No human life is without pain and suffering, everyone, no matter how rich they are, how happy they are, how satisfied they are, have at one point or the other, experienced sorrow. Life is a mix of highs and lows but sometimes it feels like the lows overpower the highs. I have felt this more often than not and have either blamed god or my bad luck for it. Today a realization dawned upon me, we don’t nearly thank god or our good luck when things do go our way, as much as we blame them when they don’t.

Needless to say, I too am no exception to this rule. When I was in class eleven or twelve, I don’t remember now, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. It was as if the roof had shattered over our heads. I was devastated. I blamed God, luck, myself and anything and everything I could think of. My mother, who is nothing short of a superhero, singlehandedly saved my grandmother (her mother) by taking her to regular chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions and adhering to the timely delivery of medicines to my ailing grandmother. My mother’s routine was impeccable, almost like a robot working tirelessly towards achieving that one single goal.


Half past midnight-
As the night lengthens, the drizzle morphs into the rain.
The neon lady blows a kiss, in the general direction;
(Primordial marketing)
“Drink my beer,” says the sign. 
Sure I would but not for the sign, for myself...

Picture Prompt#8

He was depressed; often he used to put on a long sullen face and stooped his shoulders in utter defeat. As knowledgeable as he was, he decided to speak less, not because he wanted to but he because had no choice. He was an introvert. Until she came into his life and opened him in … Continue reading Picture Prompt#8