Microsoft’s Activision acquisition: rocket fuel for Microsoft’s gaming ambitions

Takeaways from the Microsoft-Activision deal With emerging technology playing a crucial part in today’s gaming experience, it makes sense for Microsoft, a leading technology and gaming company, to acquire Activision, a leading game publisher. Microsoft is set to benefit from the deal to a great extent by leveraging an ecosystem composed of its products and services which complement one another. However, Activision brings many positives and negatives, and it is up to Microsoft to strategically address them. The path ahead is difficult but, if properly implemented, would prove invaluable for Microsoft’s global gaming domination.

How Did Marketing Strategies Evolve in Response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has delivered a devastating blow to the world economy and has forced companies to drastically change the way business is done. More than 63 Million people have contracted the disease, and it has claimed the lives of almost 1.5 Million, putting the mortality rate at about 2.32%. As a second wave of cases come under the radar, governments all across the world are putting more stringent lockdown measures. The recovery rate is steadily rising and is currently at a healthy 69.15%

“Are you sure it isn’t photoshopped?” – The journey of Adobe

Adobe is one of those rare companies whose product has become a verb. This article aims to take a deep dive into Adobe’s history and understand what makes the company the behemoth that it is today. The reason for taking up Adobe was because of a number of factors- the primary being its improvement in ranks over the years and the fact that I wanted to choose a company that is not ranked in the top 200. This is because of the human tendency to only focus on the best of the best and generally ignore the underdogs. But Adobe continuously impresses everyone with its growth and tenacity, and this article aims to analyze everything from the company’s strengths to weaknesses to the reasons for its success that have transformed it into the international behemoth it is today.