My life, (not) my rules!

“So, Biswadeep, tell me about yourself”, the man across the table enquired all the while going through my resume, looking a bit uninterested. My whole life flashed before my very eyes, and unsurprisingly my deeds of mischief glared more than the rest, like a lighthouse shining through the dead fog of night. Slowly, alphabets coalesced to form meaningful words and words fused into tangible sentences...

Noose (#NaPo_Wrimo)

  My entire life is through a noose, An endless, vicious cycle of torment and regret Onwards on a journey of finding the golden goose, A fork in the road, many call fate- Soon enough the ‘is’ will be ‘was’ What does it take to kill oneself? Remorse? Pity? Self-retribution? Or is that the chapter … Continue reading Noose (#NaPo_Wrimo)