Picture Prompt#2

‘Circa 2178 A.D-EARTH’

Nothing lasts forever. Change is the biggest constant. If there was a beginning once, there must be an end. The blue planet, our blue planet is in trouble-Earth’s once omnipresent resources now lies barren, empty. Humans have been searching for a similar planet to start anew for many decades now. However, they either were too far away to travel or did not house the conditions to support life. But with will comes a way; and finally a habitable planet was discovered not far away from our solar system. Invigorated by the recent developments, a motley of astronomers and scientists dispatched from Earth were en-route to our new home. One of the scientists, a female was pregnant and had no knowledge of her condition.

After a couple of years

The space shuttle disembarked on the desert like terrain. A critical analysis of the atmosphere revealed the planet’s atmosphere had only 12.5% oxygen to offer. There is a first time for everything. A baby had been born during the arduous journey and kept alive by intensive care throughout the journey. Oxygen was low and the team could not risk opening their pressurized hatch doors lest be infected by some unknown gaseous agent.


“Mama is here, mama will protect you” the baby’s mother put her hand over his tiny head. He responded with a smile and intertwining her index finger with his little ones. There were mutinities and chaos on board over the issue of oxygen. The baby was expending far too much of the precious gas. In one last desperate attempt by his mother, she placed the baby carefully in an escape pod packed with the excess oxygen and put into cryogenic sleep. A bullet ricocheted from a scientist’s gun finding its aim straight within her heart; she smiled and waved farewell to her son as she pressed the red button with the word “Eject” etched on it.

“Circa 0, Human population: 1- H’TRAE”

Thereafter, aliens raised Adam. Unlike the slimy, green ones with a multitude of eyes and appendages, we see in science fiction movies. These creatures, though somewhat humanoid in nature had smaller heads and even smaller eyes. Their arms were tentacular and had a large torso, having within them larger lungs to increase oxygen efficiency and make up for the deficit gas in the atmosphere.

H’trae was a young planet, devoid of any technology. Adam hailed as a god sent from the skies above in a chariot of fiery red flames was leading a comfortable life. But seldom his mind was heavy with curiosity and questions of his belongings. Where did he come from? Why is he so different? Is he really a god or just a misfit? He would ride miles on his Ezra (a horse like creature with whiskers) to visit the humongous and gigantic shuttle referred to as ‘The God’s Temple’, Adam’s Temple by ‘Sha-uluks’, his tribe. Today, despite repeated warnings by his step-parents, he decided to venture into the space ship to find answers. On board the ‘Intersidereal’ something dark awaited him.

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