#insta_creations (Part-VII)

1) There she was, standing by the mirror naked,
Carefully juxtaposing her perfect imperfections;
Laughed and cried as her heavily embellished finger,
Followed the superfluous, fake contour of her body-
Ever so faithfully, following her every single eerie command…
Her body acted, sadly not her soul.


2) The enormous clock tower reminded people that even a poor democratic country like theirs could achieve great heights, literally. It was as if the colonized was finally lifting its revolting head against the colonizer. However, nobody noticed the handicapped beggar, sitting underneath the tower, desperately waving his arms; hoping for some much-needed alms. All the of the magnificent tower did was pull a curtain of deceit over the blunt eyes of the common man. The time on both the tower and a hand watch laughed woefully on the beggar, for his period of hardship was almost up, well almost.



3) We say true love happens straight from the heart, that looks or the tone of skin on which excessive whitening cream had been used does not matter. Instead, we run towards the fairer sex, our invisible tails wiggling. We say we’re self-centered, but once in a blue moon, we have helped somebody selflessly. From a complete stranger to a friend turned foe have been on the receiving side of our kindness. We say we are hypocrites, yet we show our true selves when in trouble, despair or pain. The world is a temporary residing place, we try to live on in the minds of people long after we are gone. Yet our memories fade away, like rust. We cannot help it. More than change, contrast is the constant, which we’ve to deal with.



4) “Here you go”, the well suited, well-fed hand forwarded a firecracker to the emaciated man who was dumbstruck. The man in rags could merely swallow his surprise.

“What? These cost fifty rupees a piece. It’s Diwali, have some fun. Live a little.” The rich man complained.

By the time the firecracker had burnt away into oblivion, leaving behind bright blinding lights and deafening sounds in its way, the beggar was not hungry anymore.

Astonishment and the momentary joy had filled his belly wholly.


5) 14th November, the posh school decided to put up a statue of the much beloved ‘Chacha Nehru’ to commemorate the occasion. There was neither any holiday nor any respite for the little boy, who tirelessly mixed the cement with his tiny little hands. As he did, two precious drops of sweat fell into the cement thereby inconspicuously immortalizing his hard labor. Children’s day meant added income for him.


6) He was a selfish, self-centered man; wondering how every action of his would benefit himself, even in the tiniest possible way.Then his daughter was born…

Then his daughter was born…


7) He loved her.
She loved, not him but ‘another’ guy.
The ‘another’ guy loved ‘another’ girl.
The ‘another’ girl loved him.
They were all looking for the right kind of love in the wrong places; amidst wrong people.


8) The businessman died a relatively comfortable death. His son, family members and other relatives did his last rites rather lavishly. They sent him towards the afterlife on burning sandalwood.

The mad beggar was usually quite resilient, but on that fateful day, the cold was harsher than usual. His body happily decomposed away on the pavement; now that his fight was finally over.

Sadly, discrimination on the grounds of money conquered death as well.


9) As she walked down the corridor baring everything else but a Santa’s outfit, she looked at her old scars one last time. For shortly afterward, new ones would hide them forever. She shivered, not because of the Christmas cold but because of what was about to befall her. Good business meant pain and bad scars. She pleaded her Santa to come rescue her from this hell-hole.

There inside the room, the man laid impatiently, waiting for his costly Santa to bring him gifts and pleasure alike. He had heard that the agency was amongst the best available and every penny he spent would be rewarded in pure, unadulterated lust. He pleaded his Santa never to end this night, if not, then at least make it longer.

Christmas had very different perceptions for different people!


10) While crossing the road, he was listening to his favorite song ‘After I die’.

His life closely followed death, ever so faithfully.

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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