Whenever you decide to think beyond your own true self, you’re a hero! Believe it or not, you’re. A hero is not just someone with powers and special abilities, look around you; that boy helping a blind man cross the road or the college-going girl parting her pocket money with a beggar or even the little boy covered in earth, feeding his stray dog-all are first-hand examples of heroes. As a matter of fact, they make the world go round; it is often the simplest acts of kindness and generosity that often goes unbeknownst which counts; their sum total balancing the omnipresent bad and corruption.

Heroes are not hard to find, though there may not be cape-clad, mask-wearing bloodthirsty vigilantes around (god knows we need them!) but they do come in various shapes and sizes and in different ages as well. A soldier is a primordial example of a hero, defending his country at the sake of his own life; a blind man selling poor plastic toys in a packed local train is a hero too- to his family members, for he is the sole breadwinner for them. Anybody going out of their comfort zone to think of others and is prepared to do anything for them is a hero!

But then if you think deeply and rationally, which you must then everybody’s a hero, are they not? If you, me, or the person sitting immediately next to you have thought for their loved ones outside their domain of self-satiation and convenience, then you ought to know what they must be referred to. Then there’s the question, “Would you like to be a hero?”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- http://partyworld.co.nz/113-generic-super-hero


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