Picture Prompt#12

Fleeting Forest

The fleeting forest, so misty and perilously dark

Replete with mysteries and shadowy figurines;

After evening they do lurk

The boulevard of trees, their heads bent down in fear-

Straighten your ears and you’ll hear

Swift movements, treading the soft red soil,

Running, panting

Look closely and you may see your one true nightmare

Death comes easy, torture its fare

‘Do you know what freedom is?’

Is it the feeling the crisp yet fiercely cold wind, lashing on your face

Or is it the byproduct of what remains after you’re dead?

The forest, fleeting, grazing the eyes by the seconds

Making ominous sounds of territorial virility

No one was welcomed here, run as fast as you could drive

Who was that fleeing across the vision in a flash?

The heart skips a beat; as the forest reveals itself to you

Bit by bit with every passing second,

Morrow is an uncertainty, rocking in the strong arms of today

As the car speeds on, your only hope is that it does

Until the fleeting forest ends-

For the fleeting forest is no place for men and women alike

Only the wild reside here; obscured in deathly green

Search the fleeting forest, and you know what a disaster this could’ve been.


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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