Come, let us…

[On the occasion of World Poetry Day, I conjured up this short poem.]


Come, let’s make poetry together,

Instead of waging needless wars;

Let’s make a world;

Where people will laugh and cry,

Not because they are sad or in anguish-

But because they’re emotionally overwhelmed…


Let’s drown in words and emotions alike;

Instead of blood and sweat of people

Labeled as enemies-

By humanity itself…


Come; let us shoot similes and metaphors,

Instead of bullets and bombs;

And pierce the public perception

Of hate…


Let’s avenge our dead forefathers, not with bullets

Or a 21 gun salute,

But with a poem, not grand or exquisite;

Rather an ordinary, but a beautiful one…
Or better still, let’s infuse ourselves with beautiful poems;

Keeping agony, pain, and revenge at bay,

Come, let’s get impregnated with beautiful poesy,

Capable of filling souls, minds, and hearts,

To the fullest…


Come, let’s explode together;

Splashing rhymes and verses;

Instead of crimson red,

Because tonight poetry will triumph

And nothing else

And no one else…

© Biswadeep

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