[Cogitating Conversations-VI]*Mood Swings*

An expected lazy Sunday afternoon turns agitating.

[Cogitating Conversations-V]*Blocked*

It was her, my childhood love. I got goosebumps, the type you get when your favorite song reaches the crescendo. Yes, indeed she was like a song to me; her brief stay in my life help spread the gossamer of sorrow and just like any favorite song I wished it went on a little longer. We met at the tuitions, she the extrovert and I the introvert, silent as a statue.

[Cogitating Conversations-IV]*Death*

The lackadaisical conversation was dragging on for days now, focusing on sardonic topics. She pinged, I continued-

1: Enough with all the misnomers, let talk about something else.

2: Oh, you mean life and love? What is wrong with that?

1: Let’s talk about death, what do you feel about death?

[Cogitating Conversations-III]*Exiled*

Another poignant conversation with a friend of mine over the immensely popular social networking site we know as Facebook- 1: I feel weird sometimes; maybe I’m sick? 2: Why do you say that? 1: I don’t like interacting with people much; as a matter of fact I hate it. I am a recluse, a loner … Continue reading [Cogitating Conversations-III]*Exiled*

[Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*

I was procrastinating about a concept, which ringed my head until recently, thinking of whether to start typing into my melancholy keyboard when suddenly the familiar message box popped up. “Here we go again” I grinned excitedly! 2: So, what’s up? [She always began with this common starter line, but it never gets old!] 1: … Continue reading [Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*