[Cogitating Conversations-IV]*Death*

The lackadaisical conversation was dragging on for days now, focusing on sardonic topics. She pinged, I continued-

1: Enough with all the misnomers, let talk about something else.

2: Oh, you mean life and love? What is wrong with that?

1: Let’s talk about death, what do you feel about death?

2: Except for the fact it is inevitable? I feel death is ‘the’ truth and no matter how hard we try; we can never oust it or dismiss it from our lives. We have to face it-

1: Yes, but I think the opposite of life is not death. Death and life are not complementary you see, death is the inception of a new birth. Our bodies grow weary and old, our consciousness does not. People don’t get to tell us how they feel once they are on the other side, which makes death even more complex, more like a puzzle.

  1. So you believe in afterlife and parallel dimensions.

1: Maybe, maybe not.

2: You’re overtly strange.

[She typed one of those strange looking smileys. I decide not to react as I’ve been told that before umpteen times. This is no surprise to me.]

1: Maybe people who die are just there with us, we do not have the means to connect and communicate with them, not yet. After all, ghosts and spirits irrespective of their palpable existence are undeniably associated with high electromagnetic surges.

2: Let me get this straight, ‘life in death’? I can sense ‘death in life’ given the way of the world as of this instant.

[I reflect for a while, thinking of any newer perspectives and finally write,]

1: Death is a sad and lonely place. Cold and harsh, true. A harbinger of separation. But nevertheless, it is…

2: A form of life?

[She interrupted me, the conversation was starting to get mundane, we both had our perspectives and reasons to arrive at different conclusions, I guessed.]

1: But what do you think might be the link between life and death?

2: What do you think? Love?

1: Fear. Fear of losing the ones you love? Fear of succumbing to death’s dark claws?

2: Or maybe hope. Hope that one day something better will happen, including conversing with the dead and vice versa.

1: Or pain, do you think pain unites life, love and death? A dying person must feel pain, no matter how peaceful the death may be.

2: You do have a point! We could only postulate these things now, when our time comes, I’m sure we will be schizophrenic and crazy as a hog!

1: I’m sure you realize that this debate has the potential to continue forever.

2: Well, this may sound sadistic, but I can’t wait to die!

1: I wish I could die with somebody I love, I would love to decode its mystery with ‘her’.

[On the other hand, Death was forever determined to keep itself shrouded in a fog of mystery.]

©Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

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