[Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*

I was procrastinating about a concept, which ringed my head until recently, thinking of whether to start typing into my melancholy keyboard when suddenly the familiar message box popped up. “Here we go again” I grinned excitedly!

2: So, what’s up?

[She always began with this common starter line, but it never gets old!]

1: Ceiling.

[I said with a matter-of-fact tone and smirked with a smiley beside it. However, I doubted very much that she would get my tone. Oh, how I enjoyed pulling silly tantrums on her.]

2: Seriously? The pun is deemed archaic now.

1: Well, old is gold you know.

2: Very funny, mister mumbo-jumbo.

1: What is the strange term supposed to mean?

[I typed in a ‘shocked’ smiley.]

2: Happy friendship day to you!

[Today was August the 2nd and as the ritual all over the world went, it was ‘Friendship Day’; the day to be thankful to all of our friends for staying by our side in times good and bad. People were exuding their feeling and photos alike over the social media.]

1: I don’t have friends.

2: Why don’t you? Everybody has friends.

1: Well, I’m not the typical everybody you would come across. I am different; I stay alone and prefer it that way.

2: Well, you’re talking to me right now. That makes me your friend, does it not?

[I am confused at this point. She had an impetuous way of making her point and it was difficult as well as pointless to argue with her.]

1: Friends are judgmental hypocrites, they judge you at everything, even when you know they won’t place themselves in your shoes and say any sense. What is the whole point of having them? They serve to mess things up more.

2: Precisely why they are called friends, otherwise they would be your parents you nincompoop. Moreover not everybody is a criticizing arsehole.

1: Wow, ‘nincompoop’ is a cool term! Where did you pick it up?

2: We had this chapter in high school called ‘Bishop’s Candlesticks’ and I picked up this term from there. Look friends are meant to be a careful amalgamation of rambunctiousness and prudence. But you got to pick what is best from them, their good qualities. You are not a completely bereft from flaws either, are you?

1: As far as I know myself, I am full of it. A motley of flaws makes me.

2: Exactly, I mean, not about the flaws, but about the fact we must accept ourselves as well as others as who we (and they) are. If friends do not understand about your views and opinions make them. At least try before going all gung-ho on them.

1: I am reserved and do not speak unless I have to. Maybe it is the primary reason I have less friends or partial friends. The ones who come only when you are happy, full and achieving. The moment something as insignificant as a pin shifts to the other side, they run like fleeting foxes with their tails between their legs.

2: Well, it is a relief  you know which friend of yours fall into which category. Speaking of categories which one do I fall into?

[There’s a tricky question, but it was worth answering with something different.]

1: A special one altogether. I guess I haven’t made a category for you yet.

[She responded with a ‘lovable’ smiley. As naïve as I was, she surely made her impact on me about friends.]

©Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

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