#insta_creations (Part-XIII)

12 floors from the ground- A boy bit his nails in anticipation as his favorite hero battled a dragon. 12 floors below- A boy bit his nails in futile hopes of taming the dragon spewing violent acid within his belly. Contrast blazed in the fire.


They were almost on the verge of completing six months of living together coupled with being in a relationship and on one such fateful night, she was en-route to her mother’s place when halfway through her journey she realized, she’d forgotten an important gift she purchased for her mother weeks ago. On reaching the apartment where they both resided, she found it was locked from the inside. Margaret called an umpteen number of times before her knock took the form of banging, suddenly the door swung open and there ‘her Ben’ stood, stark naked with a particular dominatrix at his feet begging for mercy. Clad in the symbolic latex, she was badly bleeding from her nose and mouth, terrified of the suddenness of events. Margaret gasped putting her right hand on her mouth and looked at Ben, ‘her Ben’.

The Last Sunshine

The wind kissed my face sternly for one last time as if to bid me the final farewell. I am surrounded by my friends sitting atop a platform on the roof of our beloved hostel. Four years ago, I was terrified of this insipid place and yet today I am here; wishing if time could … Continue reading The Last Sunshine

[Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*

I was procrastinating about a concept, which ringed my head until recently, thinking of whether to start typing into my melancholy keyboard when suddenly the familiar message box popped up. “Here we go again” I grinned excitedly! 2: So, what’s up? [She always began with this common starter line, but it never gets old!] 1: … Continue reading [Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*