#insta_creations (Part-XIII)

1) “Happy Friendship Day,” whispered the introvert, smiling to the person in the mirror.


2)A thousand animals were sacrificed; yet the only thing that poured was blood.


3)‘Promise me you’ll look after my wife and children…’

After that war, money, though late, started appearing mysteriously from the neighbouring enemy nation. After all, some death wishes did come true.


4) 12 floors from the ground-
A boy bit his nails in anticipation as his favorite hero battled a dragon.

12 floors below-
A boy bit his nails in futile hopes of taming the dragon spewing violent acid within his belly.

Contrast blazed in the fire.


5) “Hey! Give us a hand here…”
The poor man stood up and hurried. The footpath was his home, but to others, just a stretch to walk upon.
As he strained to pull the huge chariot along with hundreds of others, he prayed hoping Jagannath would do the same for his family.


6) A soldier’s bullet-
Trying to crawl forcefully inside a civilian’s gut.

Another soldier’s penis-
Trying desperately to claw its way, into a preventive vagina.

A civilian’s stone-
Scratching the epidermis of a fighter, to reveal the fresh meat inside.

A stick kisses the skin black and blue, not minding who is on whose side. It does not discriminate. Same rules apply for any weapon.

A man’s call for freedom, is another man’s kill order, is the same man’s death wish.

Perspective works in mysterious ways.


7) Class VI, Section B

Question: Write the usefulness of water in our daily life.

“Water is essential for making Chinese and Patiala pegs,” wrote the alcoholic’s son.


8) Infatuation is like the periodic dust that accumulates in between the folds of your bed-sheet every morning.


9) “How could I believe you?
How could you believe me?
How could anybody believe in each other?
When there’s a ‘lie’ that sits cozily in the middle?”


10) “The Native Americans believed that taking a photograph of a person would forever trap a part of their soul within it.”
Seeing your picture every day, I wish it were true.


© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Myself

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