Vhridhashram (Part-I)

Bablu was too small to understand what sacrifices his parents were making so that he could grow up just like any other kid, without any difficulties. Time flew away and Bablu was soon walking all over the house, leaving his befuddling muddy footsteps everywhere. “Bablu!” Sujata cried seeing all the mess.But deep within, a sense of satisfaction has set in her by seeing how swiftly her little Bablu was growing up. The compromises kept on increasing and Ashok had to struggle to make both ends meet. To add to all the hustle, Ashok was as honest as one could be, refusing anything lucrative given to him under the desk. However, ideals would not fill an empty stomach; Ashok would often receive curses from her wife.

Picture Prompt#13

Son: Father, where do people go to when they die? Heaven or hell? Father: They surely go to heaven son, for we all live in a fiery hell. Son: Father, then what about bad people? Father: Well, what about them? Son: Where do bad people go after death? Do they get to go to heaven … Continue reading Picture Prompt#13

[Cogitating Conversations-V]*Blocked*

It was her, my childhood love. I got goosebumps, the type you get when your favorite song reaches the crescendo. Yes, indeed she was like a song to me; her brief stay in my life help spread the gossamer of sorrow and just like any favorite song I wished it went on a little longer. We met at the tuitions, she the extrovert and I the introvert, silent as a statue.

[Cogitating Conversations-IV]*Death*

The lackadaisical conversation was dragging on for days now, focusing on sardonic topics. She pinged, I continued-

1: Enough with all the misnomers, let talk about something else.

2: Oh, you mean life and love? What is wrong with that?

1: Let’s talk about death, what do you feel about death?

[Cogitating Conversations-III]*Exiled*

Another poignant conversation with a friend of mine over the immensely popular social networking site we know as Facebook- 1: I feel weird sometimes; maybe I’m sick? 2: Why do you say that? 1: I don’t like interacting with people much; as a matter of fact I hate it. I am a recluse, a loner … Continue reading [Cogitating Conversations-III]*Exiled*

[Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*

I was procrastinating about a concept, which ringed my head until recently, thinking of whether to start typing into my melancholy keyboard when suddenly the familiar message box popped up. “Here we go again” I grinned excitedly! 2: So, what’s up? [She always began with this common starter line, but it never gets old!] 1: … Continue reading [Cogitating Conversations-II] *Naïve*