Klutzy Keywords-I

[A few days ago, I posted on my timeline asking people to assign me random keywords with which I would try to string up a story. Many friends of mine graced me with so many keywords, some were tough, others tougher. I’ve updated the first ten under the heading Klutzy Keywords-I. More will follow suit.]

The main Facebook post.

  1. Keyword- I

‘I fought so hard to make a difference, desperately wanted to make things right for the both of us, but at the end of the day, I failed, miserably. You were reluctant and nagging. Now I spend the remaining days of my natural life in the asylum. I get nightmares every single night in ‘your’ form.’

  1. Keyword- Register

‘The pujari like every day blessed him with flowers and sprinkled holy water on his face and head alike. Extending his hand for some money he smiled, flashing his brown, paan laced teeth. He received a shiny five-rupee coin. He sighed still, for the senile owner of the register used to give him old and worn ten-rupee notes. Until he became God’s beloved!’

  1. Keywords- Albert Einstein, theory of relativity, Mrs. Sharma, kitty party

‘Mrs Sharma was a businesswoman, belonging from a privileged family and was lucky enough to land in the lap of an equally well-to-do husband. At one of the several kitty parties she held throughout the year, Mrs. Ghosh told her about Albert Einstien’s Theory of Relativity. She was spellbound; the deep insight put the cogwheels of her mind into action. That night, she smiled, as their love for each other was relative, depending sorely on money gained and lost. Love gave way to money and other worldly pleasures.’

  1. Keyword- Heart Break

Heartbreak is the fiery crucible within which true lovers are often born, tamed and raised. Those who cannot withstand the blazing inferno become the devil.

  1. Keywords- Coffee, conundrum, pragmatic, wistful, enigmatic

‘He sipped on his night coffee and could not help but laugh at the prospect of her ever returning to his life. She was a beautiful conundrum waiting to be solved. He stared at the cup wistfully, imaging it to be her; she was more addictive than the nightly caffeine. He wanted to be more pragmatic but her enigmatic yet contagious company weighed him down like lead.’

  1. Keywords- Soft, bread, he came through the door

“We’re out of groceries and bread,” she said ruefully, desperately trying to cloak the anger in her heart. The prefix ‘Honey’ was missing from their conversations for many months now. It had been ten years since they were married and the flame was starting to burn off. He had done everything in his power to cheer her up, save giving her a child. He had an ominous feeling the moment he came through the door. He searched the whole house; she was not there anymore. On a piece of paper by the bed, were the words ‘Good Bye’, etched in black. His heart has never been that soft, (like the bread, he brought) after that fateful incident.

  1. Keyword- Writing

The hairy human was drinking water from a brook, observing his environs of trees and animals closely. Suddenly a flash of creativity engulfed the primordial being. Back in his cave, he started writing, rather scribbling trees, animals and vague shapes on the walls of his cave-home. The irony being he was oblivious of the huge difference he just made.

  1. Keywords- Crystalline, cascade, void, vial, lament

Theirs was a sad story, more lament than love. More void than vitality. One day he decided to end it all. He sat down in his study and gulped down a small, skull marked vial of crystalline liquid. Needless to say, he died a horrible and painful death. All that was left of the bitter relationship cascaded to a stack of paper piled carefully below his lifeless head.

  1. Keywords- Euphony, melancholia, petrichor

At last, it rained! Moistening the hard, arid and cracked bosom of the Earth, wetting our parched tongues and faces. Those unadulterated drops like some dulcet euphony squishing melancholia viciously, vigorously. Today was a day to do and be many things, but being sad was definitely not on the list.

  1. Keyword- History

Viktor was a senior officer with the third Reich and detested Jews. He considered them no less than vermin, equivalent to plague. He was instrumental in killing more than three thousand Jews. After the war and the holocaust ended, Viktor realized his mistake. The souls of the innocent Jews he had killed weighed too much for his shoulders to bear. If history repeated itself, he would give anything to be born a Jew, as a means of penance and retribution for his wrong doings.

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