Klutzy Keywords-II

[A few days ago, I posted on my timeline asking people to assign me random keywords with which I would try to string up a story. Many friends of mine graced me with so many keywords, some were tough, others tougher. I’ve updated the second set of ten under the heading Klutzy Keywords-II. More will follow suit.]

The main Facebook post.

  1. Keywords- Virtual world, generation gap, categorical

Holding the long cylindrical grills, in a manner as if he was in jail, he looked at the trees outside. His son was on the other side of the generation gap, maybe unable to cross to this side thanks to the long wall of virtual world in between. Father and son did not possess anymore, the categorical love they used to flaunt for each other.

  1. Keyword- Standstill

The ailing grandmother almost fell trying to carry the heavy luggage. Behind her, the granddaughter’s heart almost came to a standstill. She rebuked the old woman for trying to carry the load stating the fact she could have fallen and injured herself. The senile woman let out a deep sigh, in fact, she was gradually becoming a luggage herself.

  1. Keyword- Awesome

‘So you like somebody, huh? Isn’t that awesome?’ The girl teased her guy best friend. She had no idea she was that special ‘somebody’.

  1. Keywords- Assignment, Oedipus, iniquity, window

Sitting with a pile of papers in front of me, I gasped in absolute terror. With the hours, lessening rapidly, and as the battle between the Oedipus like assignments refused to die. As the battle waged on, the assignments seemed to get the better of me. I virtually spat on my fate, cursing our teacher’s iniquity. Outside the window overlooking the field I saw my classmates either playing or lying on the field, having a good time.

  1. Keyword- Life

Earth- several millenniums ago

After millions and billions of permutations and combinations, a miracle occurred on the young, blue planet. Single celled organisms ‘accidentally’ formed, wriggled and struggled proliferating in large numbers.

Life=1, Death=0

  1. Keyword- Think-Tank

The three college friends freshly graduated, decided to start a ‘think-tank’. ‘Entrepreneurship’ was the bling then. Within six months, the company trailed off into perpetual oblivion until another well-to-do company wanted the think-tank to work for them. Their dream of becoming their own boss was over-shadowed by the desire to earn money. ‘Entrepreneurship’ shed silent tears of sadness.

  1. Keywords- ‘Nuisance’, ‘Phenomenon’, ‘illusion’, ‘Partiality’, ‘JB Sir’

‘Get out’ JB Sir, let out a deep baritone in his typical mechanized voice. ‘Who, me?’ I looked behind my desk, surprised and perplexed. ‘Yes, you are a nuisance I cannot tolerate’ his voice boomed again, ‘you think you’re the phenomenon of this class when you’re nothing more than an illusion’. I shrugged and tried to explain. ‘Go on now”, his eyes pierced my very soul. From outside the class I could see him cracking poor jokes with my studious counterparts and they did not have any other option than to laugh forcibly. Partiality painted me red with anger.

  1. Keywords- Glamour, broken dreams and a journey of never ending perils

She aspired to become a model, a shining hallmark in the world of glamour. She even crossed the seas and oceans to become one. After a journey of never ending perils, her first walk as a model saw her become a victim of a wardrobe malfunction. The accidental unstrapping of her gown equaled all her life’s effort going in vain.

  1. Keywords- Merciless, inadequate, broken glass, passion, desk

I was at the mercy of the merciless assailant, carrying a long spear-like weapon. The sun being behind his back, his face was not clearly visible, only his contour was. “Do you want to die a quick but painful death or a slow but a painless one?” his voiced boomed carrying with it a hint of passion, as if killing was all he wanted to do. I found myself at a loss of words, inadequate and unwilling at the same time. Suddenly I saw the tip of the spear bleeding not blood but ink! He thrusts the spear deep within me with a humongous force. Awakened by the loud crashing of something, I feel my guts first. I had fallen asleep on my desk and under my legs lay a plethora of broken glass-the remnants of what used to be my ink pot.

  1. Keyword- Myth

He was her myth, she, his mythology.

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