Picture Prompt#5

The bloodied cape

Childhood’s nothing but a veil,

Dreams of infancy that never sail;

On the oceans of maturity and responsibility.

Yesterday aspired to be a super-hero,

Tomorrow is the villain-

Crushing the confused but headstrong present

Till it bends down,


Alphabets of profanity, running

Downwards and upwards,

To and fro,

Defying gravity or going along with it…

Dazed, hallucinated, confused, intoxicated.

The cape, which used to fly high and free;

Now perfectly wraps the shame

Of the nine to five submission

The yesterday’s boy is now a dubious slave

Salvaging life, or what’s left of it;

From a subterfuge

Red with anger,

Green with envy,

Blue with jealousy,

Black with depression.

Life’s nothing but a palette of colors

Handed out to an inept painter

For life makes an artist of us all

The cape now bloodied

Lay on the dirt, yet to occupy

Another boy’s imagination

Till there’s nothing but sheer frustration

Coupled with failure.

Growing up is a necessary evil

Of sorts…

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- Will O Lamp

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