A detailed list of books containing my stories/poems

A glimpse of my almost eight years of writing (with long pauses in between).

  • An experimental eBook that I published with Amazon KDP, The Plight of The Pilgrim has 12 short stories of mine. The book costs a measly 49 rupees, so you buy and read it if you like.

Buy Link- https://amzn.to/2Oujv2e


From top-left corner (I am a contributor in all of these anthologies!)

This was possible only because of my readers who through constructive criticism helped me shape into the writer that I am today (good or bad). Hoping to contribute to many more such anthologies and probably a few of my own books, in time.


  1. Case Files of the Dead by Author’s Ink India [Buy it here- Amazon]
  2. Turning Point of Life by Author’s Ink India [Buy it here- Amazon]
  3. Album of Heart-an anthology by Moments Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]
  4. Lovingly Yours by Sanmati Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]
  5. Love Stories Around Us by Shades [Buy it here- Amazon]
  6. Accidental Anthology by AuthorsInkIndia [Buy it here- Amazon]
  7. Purple Hues by Sanmati Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]
  8. Collapsed Lexicon by Kool Kids Press [Download]
  9. Melody of Life by Author’s Ink India
  10. Friendship-Bonds Beyond Time by Shades Publications [Buy it here- Amazon]
  11. Purple Hues-2 by Sanmati Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]
  12. Nothing is Mystery by Author’s United [Buy it here- Amazon]
  13. Shakespeare Sings-A poetry anthology
  14. Cryptic Encounters by InkQuills Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]
  15. Strength from Darkness by InkQuills Publishers [Buy it here- Amazon]


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