Mothers in the food business


The food industry has grown by an enormous size and continues to grow even today. There have been several instances of women opening successful restaurants even after becoming a mother. Women can multitask better than their male counterparts despite facing an equal number of challenges, if not more. The food industry is one of the world’s top industry and in the United States, it is no different.

There are plenty of incidents where the woman who was a restaurant owner, had a son or a daughter and still managed to take care of her business at the same time.

Mothers are awesome, for most of us they are superwomen managing various aspects of our home and in some cases companies as well. Mothers have a unique and positive outlook towards life. For most of them managing companies, the world is their children and they are ready to spread their motherly love through the services and products they offer. They wonder what they can do to make the world a better place to live in.

Supporting small entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs helps boost the economy and when there is the question of women entrepreneurs struggling in the food and restaurant business, there is the added bonus and surety of good food.  


The sales of the combined restaurants in 2017 amounted to a whopping $799 billion and there are over 1 million restaurants in the United States alone. The industry alone employs around 14.7 million people and by the year 2027, it is expected that 1.6 new jobs will be created in the restaurant industry. 10% of the overall US workforce is constituted by the restaurant workforce.

A scaled measurement reveals that there are-

  • 9 restaurant managers out of 10 started working at the entry level
  • 8 out of 10 owners started their careers in entry-level positions.
  • 9 restaurants out of every 10 which have less than 50 employees
  • 7 out of 10 restaurants are single operations and have no branches whatsoever.

How are women able to start successful food and restaurant business-

  1. For a mother, opening up a home business is extremely beneficial as they don’t have to go to someplace else to work. Work is done alongside caring for the kid(s).
  2. Women who are successful in the food and restaurant business today have all one thing in common. They chalked out a plan and committed themselves towards it. One has to consider how the product that she wants to introduce is similar or different from all other products available in the market and in what ways will the potential customer respond towards the same?
  3. Being flexible is another key point towards any successful venture. It is important to have a plan and it is equally important to change the plan when necessary. Everyone is not successful at the first attempt but one must learn from their mistakes.
  4. Keeping an eye on finances is probably the most important thing when it comes to startups and companies. If it takes some time to manage the necessary finance, then it is advisable to be patient until the suitable time arrives.
  5. Marketing is another key point for new businesses and startups often find it difficult to market their products and services amidst all the major corporations and their aggressive advertisements.

Some general pieces of advice from women who have made it big-

  • Being a single mother actually helps in the foundation of a successful business as it automatically imbibes the value of multitasking, managing on a small budget, creativity and a host of other important skills.
  • Making family members a part of the business helps in more ways than one. This adds value to the work that entrepreneurial mothers do and also becomes a life lesson for the member, especially if that member happens to be a kid.
  • It is important to take rest every once in a while.
  • An idea and a serious effort in making that idea a reality is all that is required for creating a successful company.
  • Always focus on the positive aspects of everything. Learning from past mistakes is very much essential. All successful entrepreneurs and business persons do the same.

Women in the food and restaurants business-

Gone are the days when a woman was restricted only to her households and daily chores. Women nowadays are conquering the world with their talent and management skills and they are occupying top positions in the government and organizations alike. Some women who have made it big in the food and restaurant business are-

  • Lidia Bastianich- An Emmy award-winning TV personality, entrepreneur restaurateur, author and mother, Lidia wears many hats. Lidia is a staunch supporter of Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is about two things: good food and family. Lidia has also collaborated with her children Tanya and Joseph on several occasions in food ventures and startups. She has also authored various cookbooks and two children’s books called Nonna Tell Me a Story: Lidia’s Christmas Kitchen and Lidia’s Family Kitchen: Nonna’s Birthday Surprise.
  • Cat Cora- She is an author, a successful TV personality, the first female Iron Chef and added to that, she is the mother of four kids! Cat has brought almost an infinite amount of dedication and passion to the food industry. She has the unique ability to cook and impart her knowledge to the world via teaching and for that, she has earned the Bon Appétit’s Teacher of the Year Award.
  • Alice Waters- She is an author, a successful restaurateur and an accomplished chef, Alice is involved in the Edible Schoolyard Project. The project aims to provide sustainable free lunch to students. Alice is truly a remarkable figure when it comes to educating the masses about sustainable healthy food for more than 17 years now. She views the whole world as her children and doesn’t shy away to show some motherly love.
  • Martha Stewart- No list would be complete without mentioning Marth Stewart. She is everyone’s favorite mom and her business spans every aspect related to food, home décor, lifestyle and healthy living. She even hosted her own show called and created the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia brand that highlights various aspects from weddings to publications to foods.
  • Shazi Vishram- Shazi as a mother saw how her friends struggled with providing their kids with healthy foods and took an oath to deliver healthy food to kids without them even knowing it. She opened Happy Family, a company that provides organic foods for babies, kids, toddlers and even adults to eradicate the problem of not wanting to eat healthy foods once and for all.

Somethings need to change-

The need for policies that help women entrepreneurs who also happen to be mothers are in need of the hour-

  1. Childcare responsibilities ought to be equalized- Women and men must share equal responsibilities while bringing up their child. This will reduce the amount of workload on women and they would have more time on their hands to pursue their entrepreneurship skills.
  2. Women’s workload at home must be reduced- This would mean that women get more time to dedicate their efforts to run the food and restaurant business that she always wanted but did not have the time to pursue it.
  3. Giving men more experience with childcare- Men should share the chores with their female counterparts. The days of women only restricted to their houses and men earning bread for the family and being the sole earner of the family are behind us.


Life is not a rosy ride, it is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. But what matters is the amount of dedication and perseverance put towards the cause that the individual is fighting for. Women entrepreneurs, be in any business are in no way shorter than gladiators. They are to be respected, revered and followed.

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