Mothers who have become successful entrepreneurs


Today women are successful entrepreneurs running a successful business from their homes. Mothers are no less than superwomen, managing everything from work to taking care of children and household chores. Women have come to a long path from being ostracized from doing any productive job to becoming heads of countries and organizations alike.

Women are more likely to get capital and seed funding, studies show and the reality is just that. Women entrepreneurs today, are very successful and know their business well.

Some general pieces of advice from successful women-

  • Be kind to others and to yourself- Kindness has the power to change the world for the better.
  • Inexperience cannot and should not stop anyone, learning from mistakes is the key- Everybody has to start at some point, and a big part of the experience is learning from the previous mistakes.
  • Don’t be shy to rethink and change the entire business model, if the situation demands so. Flexibility is the key to surviving in any situations. This property has helped many companies evade catastrophic situations with relative ease. 
  • Finding out what clicks for someone is the stepping stone to a successful business. This is the initial phase of building a company, to identify the products/services that it will offer, the targeted audience, how to market, sales and sales channels, customer support etc.

Some ways by which women can become successful entrepreneurs without leaving home or spending a lot of money-

Mothers often do not have the time and energy to go outside their houses for business-related work. Therefore, it is best to combine both business and household chores in a way so that both can be done without much hassle.

  • Parenting blog- During those tough years, every mother has to learn some tricks to keep up with the amount of work around her. Caring for a baby or babies is a lot strenuous by itself and hence it is a good plan if someone were to combine the two. The mother can share her secrets with the world and earn in views which would then translate to unique traffic. The experience and knowledge can be shared with the world via a blog and if the business kicks off, then she can advertise her own products if any or monetize the views.
  • Event Planner- Event planning is a booming industry and has lots of untapped potentials. The mother can work from the comfort of her home without having to go anywhere. Social media, telephones, the internet has pretty much made contacting someone a lot easier. The mother can plan events from her home and can also plan spectacular events for her kid(s) and their friends.
  • Vlogging- A vlog or a video-blog is all the rage in websites like YouTube these days. Vlogging requires patience and dedication- a pre-requisite for building up a good subscriber base. If her personality clicks with people, then her subscriber base will build up pretty quickly.
  • Health and wellness coaching- Health and wellness comes naturally to a mother as she remains concerned for her family all the year round. Provided that the mother has the proper certification and education to successfully run a healthcare and wellness coaching institute, this is quite the deal since health and wellness is one of the fastest growing industries right now.

Mothers who have become successful entrepreneurs

Today there are countless examples of women who have self-financed their business or startups and are extremely successful today. Some of the easiest self-financed business today includes activities that can be done with relative ease from home such as cooking or blogging to name a few. Some of the examples are-

  • Ree Drummond- Ree is the pioneer when it comes to blogging. She married and shifted towards living a rural life, it was during this time she started blogging. Her talent towards blogging became evident and it helped her win the Weblog of the Year at the 20009, 2010, 2011 Bloggie Awards. Ree has written several cookbooks, had a show on Show Network and even authored a book for kids called Charlie the Ranch Dog. Ree is an inspiration for women to make the best use of the resources available to them and convert that into an asset.
  • Sue Bryce- Her quote says it all-

“My path to self-employment seemed to me, a natural evolution. But, it wasn’t based on a great desire to build a business. Rather, it was borne out of necessity. After 13 years mastering my craft, I was still an employee and I simply had reached a ceiling of how much money I could earn in my career.”

Sue now teaches the invaluable lessons she learned during her journey and has a glamour photography company. She came close to failure many a time but remained undeterred and strived harder. It was Sue’s deep passion to educate herself and reach new heights that instilled a sense of competitiveness within her. Sue’s story shows us how determined and passionate women are when it comes to business.

  • Tara Gentile- Tara Gentile left her job and started a little niche website after she was looked over for promotion while she was nine months pregnant. Tara then purchased an existing blog business and started making more money than her previous job, almost overnight. She also specializes in how to turn services into a product and teaches budding entrepreneurs the same.
Tara McMullin | Small Business Community Founder, Podcaster, Educator
  • Angela Benton- The founder and CEO of NewME, Angela’s company has boosted and accelerated more than 300 startups by helping them find capital and raise money. Having children did not slow her down and it made her only stronger. Angela has made a name for herself in technology and design. Angela has appeared in Ebony magazine under Power 150 in 2010, Goldman Sachs’ Marie Claire’s50 Women Who Rule in 2013 and 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2013.
  • Maria Serbes and Barbara Serbes- Maria and Barbara are a mother-daughter duo who work from their respective homes. They have a website called Rock Your Religion which provides people from all religions a chance to flaunt their religious symbols in a modern way, hence the name. Products include pendants, cuffs among other things.
  • Lauren Anderson- Lauren and her husband James launched the company Made in Mechanicsville, the company creates jewelry that is unique to Mechanicsville, Virginia. Lauren shows us that there are cases when a mother combines her talent with her husband and starts a successful business while raising their baby daughter at the same time.
  • Anne Wojcicki- Anne is the founder of the successful startup called 23andMe which is a personal genomics and biotechnology company. Anne had to battle out against the FDA which came very close to closing her company down. It was because of Anne’s sheer determination and fighting spirit that 23andMe survived and is valued at more than $1 billion.
  • Carolyn Yashari Becher, Janelle McGlothlin, and Joanna McFarland-The three founders of HopSkipDrive all have kids between them ranging from the ages of 4-12 years. It is a ride-hailing cab service for kids that allows carpools as well. That helps the parents save a considerable sum of money. Although as of now the service is only available in and around Los Angeles, it is soon expected to expand.

And there are many more examples of resilient women who fought with everything they had only because they believed in their ideas and/or companies and were willing to risk everything they had because of the same.


Women are extremely adaptive and hence their adaptiveness reflects in the companies they form. They understand the requirements and hence build very product/service-centric companies all the while caring for their employees and understanding their demands and needs. This directly reflects on them getting sizable funds for their companies in any way or manner possible.

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