10 Places to Visit in Kolkata This Weekend (Including Hidden Gems!)

The land of culture and intellect, Kolkata has several places that are rich in history as well as cultural significance. Once you’ve been to these spots, you might just find yourself changed for the better. Here’s Digital Dribble’s list of 10 places that you must check out as a person visiting the city for the first time, or even as a local! 

  • The Indian Museum, Kolkata

This is not only the largest and oldest museum in Kolkata but the whole country! With a wide variety of scientific, artistic, historic and cultural artefacts, this museum is a must-see on your trip. The grand structure was founded and opened in the year 1814 by the Asiatic Society of Bengal. It has six sections which have a total of thirty-five galleries namely Archaeology, Anthropology, Art, Zoology, Geology and Economic Botany.

  • College Street’s Boi Para [Book Alley]

Another one of the trademarked places in this city, College Street is not unknown to anybody living in Kolkata. This place is famous for its shops filled with a multitude of books on every topic available, whether it’s preparatory material for examinations, novels or magazines in different languages. Chances are you’ll get your preferred paperback here at the lowest price.

  • Park Street Cemetery

While we Kolkatans love to while our time away at hotspots like the ones mentioned above, the lonely but lovely cemetery in Park Street remains one of our favourites to date. Opened in the year 1767 and closed shortly after, in the year 1790, this cemetery has been declared a heritage site by the Archeological Survey of India. A lot of films are shot here so if a particular spot seems a little too familiar, chances are, you’ve seen it on TV first!

  • Nandan Theatre

The Nandan theatre is a film and cultural centre which is funded by the government. The primary objective of this cultural hub is to increase cinematic awareness across the city. The foundation stone was laid by the then Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and was inaugurated by none other than the renowned Satyajit Roy himself!

  • Coffee House

You know a place is worth a visit when even the legendary Manna Dey sings about it. The Coffee House is a hub for friends and family alike and their food is delectable and easy on the pockets! If you’re looking for a break from roaming around, this is the perfect spot to sit back and chill.

  • New Market

New Market, previously known as Hogg Market, is a great place to indulge in shopping and eat delicious street food. In a way, it’s almost like the first mall in Kolkata and you can feel the sentimental value attached to it. This area also has a host of other shops and malls which sell things from safety pins to Levi’s!

  • Traditional Boat Ride on the Hooghly River

There is nothing as serene and romantic as a boat ride. Traditional boat rides are common in Princep Ghat, Howrah and Belur and are a favourite among foreigners too. And did I mention this is a great place to get that perfect picture for your Instagram?

  • Victoria Memorial

Built between the years 1906 to 1921, this white marble building was built as a dedication to Queen Victoria of England, hence the name. The Victoria Memorial now serves as a museum and tourist spot for people. It is situated on the Maidan grounds by the river Hoogly.

  • Alipore Zoological Gardens

The Alipore Zoo is also one of the important landmarks of our city, spread over an area of 46.5 acres. It was founded in the year 1876. The zoo is a thriving tourist spot and is visited by thousands of tourists every year, especially during the winter season.

  • Jorasako Thakur Bari

JJorasako Thakur Bari is the residence of the first Nobel laureate of our country, Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore grew up in this house and spent most of his life here. Currently, it is located inside Rabindra Bharati University. The renovated house currently functions as a museum.

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