15 things you used as a kid that that does not exist now

Being born during the ’80s to ’90s was not an easy task for the likes of us. For we have seen stuff and things from our timeline disappear and new things take their place. In this article let us bring a little nostalgia to the plate and discuss 15 such things which we have seen growing up but are no longer available in the market; in other words, they are extinct! From pagers to the old Windows operating systems, to handheld video games to evergreen serials like Malgudi days, we wish something’s never changed. Here is the list enumerating 15 such things-

Microsoft Windows 95

Remember this primordial operating system from windows? One of the earliest operating systems, anybody having one of these was considered to be amongst the privileged lot. With the earliest versions of Paint and Microsoft Office, this OS (operating system) was top notch during those days.

Handheld water games

These handheld games involved looping small plastic rings onto one/two small rods only with the push of a button. Apparently as easy as this game may seem, actually it was very much addicting and hard. Pity such games are nowhere to be found now. It was really surprising that a game not involving any technology or digital medium could captivate the user so much.

Mauser gun

A plastic gun with round plastic bullets, this faux gun was many of our favourite pastimes. We felt like heroes wielding plastic guns and running helter-skelter. Truly the Mauser gun was an inseparable game companion for many of us growing up through the years. This gun even had a magazine full of yellow pellets

Compact Disc (CD)

Compact Disc or CD abbreviated was a mode of electronic storage of data that was popular in the ’90s and 2000s. But with the advent of the DVD, CD’s were rendered obsolete and useless. These days we tend to use memory sticks or pen drives more than DVD’s as well.

Malgudi days

Based on RK Narayan’s stories, this sitcom was perhaps everybody’s favourite. The adventures of Swami in a small south Indian village captured every viewer’s attention. With a little more than 50 episodes, this magnificent show disappeared into thin air without a trace. We surely want another scoop of this show anytime won’t we?

White Rabbit (toffee) 

Delicious and super tasty, these toffees were the ultimate delicacy for many of us. The trademarked white wrapper with the picture of a white rabbit in a blue outline was enough to make us drool and salivate. These tasty treats are banned now as they contain traces of melamine, a substance used in making plastics.


Before the rise of Facebook, Google +, Hi5 and other social networks, Orkut was the uncrowned king of all social media applications. In fact, coolness in the teenage and youth societies meant having a mandatory Orkut account. However, during its short stint, it helped people connect, go on dates and even get married! It was less time consuming than Facebook as well.

Brick Game (Hand-held video game)

This video game was the perfect companion for killing time as it contained an umpteen number of games (as much as 9999 in 1!) albeit each game was a similar version of the previous one. Tetris, plane fights, snake were the common games to be found. The games were pre-loaded.


These roundish plastic toys were given as free toys with any market commodity like cornflakes, chips, toothpaste and a variety of others. By intertwining two tazos, one could even make one fly at great speeds like a Frisbee. Children loved collecting them and even more when they had their favourite character or Pokémon etched on them.

Video game parlors

Most of us cannot deny that we did not spend a considerable time of our life in these parlours playing games like Contra, WWE Raw and other hugely popular action games. We would repeatedly nag our parents for letting us play in one of these parlours close to our home. It was pretty cool, wasn’t it? The machine only accepted coins.

Video Cassettes

 There was an ancient time when shops had video cassettes and come every Sunday, we would really get excited about the prospect of watching a blockbuster movie in our VCR recorders. My first movie in a Video Cassette was The Mask by Jim Carrey. Nowadays they are fossilized, well almost!

Rotary Telephones

These telephones used back at the time when we were kids are nowhere to be nowadays. More than a telephone, they seemed like toys to us with their strange numeric keypad attracting the most attention. Dialers had to rotate a digit with their fingers and the entire process was very time-consuming.

Parle Kiss-me

This chocolate cost a hefty three rupee (three rupees was a lot back then) and was available primarily in elaichi flavour. With a red and white covered wrapper, Parle Kiss-me was ‘the’ chocolate in terms of taste and money. This was many kids’ favourite chocolate until dairy milk and 5-Star flooded the market with a plethora of flavours and options to choose from.

Pop-Pop boats

Available in markets and mainly fairs, this boat made us want one whenever our eyes used to fall on them. They operated on candle or vegetable oil and made a distinct sound that attracted us when we were kids. It had a spoon-like structure at end of which contained the oil.

Roller ball mouse

 The mouse we use these days is an optical one but back then the only mouse available was the roller ball mouse which operated on a rollerball. Kids used to open up the mouse and play with the ball rather than using it to operate the mouse. Life those days was pure bliss.

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