Lessons from life-II

This promise led me to explore the deep crevices of my locality and today I stumbled upon the alleyways of nostalgia. The fragrance transported me to a time when I was a naive young boy and much like how I stumbled upon this road today, I had stumbled upon love.

The rails

Now, as if by premonition, I knew you would leave me,

‘What did I lack?’ I asked myself, I could feel the air around me going sooty and black;

I cried, yes I cried for the umpteenth time; my head ready to burst…

Our love was so pure, perfect; why did it have to end?

I was dying inside from your thirst, needed a ‘drop’ of you to survive,

Watching the tracks I reflect, why can't we go alike them?

The last letter…

I blame destiny for bringing us together, I blame fate for making our paths cross, I blame providence for it did not keep me ready with any contingency plan. You left me, I had no other choice but to forget your existence and time is a great ally to have in times like these. I was flanked from all sides by you, not by any of your skills or good looks or anything that people get attracted to you by. I was flanked by the whole of ‘you’; caught off guard.

5_minute_story-IX (A little something about love)

We as human beings are afraid of change, it may be something good, great. But what if it is something bad? When we try to love somebody (often disguised by people, even us as infatuation) and don’t get anything in return, who is to blame? You, who gave all of yourself, your heart, to someone else maybe badly gift wrapped (who cares about presentation when you’re in love anyway?) or the person who rejected the very idea of you. The very person you are.


Like the soothing, frothing sea waves that never stay with you; no matter how badly you want them to. The next wave that comes is never similar to the first one, it may be a little too hard or a little too soft, a little too harsh or maybe too weak to make any impact.