5_minute_story-IX (A little something about love)

I’ve never experienced love fully. I have felt bits and pieces of it. Like nibbling around the edges of a sweet filled with a surprise filling. The filling may be to my taste or I may find it disgusting. More like immersing my feet into a clear stream to feel the soft, calming waters but not going skinny dipping; afraid that I might catch a cold or people may see me buck naked. Nevertheless, I am curious about what the outcome will be.

We as human beings are afraid of change, it may be something good, great. But what if it is something bad? When we try to love somebody (often disguised by people, even us as infatuation) and don’t get anything in return, who is to blame? You, who gave all of yourself, your heart, to someone else maybe badly gift wrapped (who cares about presentation when you’re in love anyway?) or the person who rejected the very idea of you. The very person you are. Maybe both are not to blame, maybe the universe it; for conspiring against everything to bring two people together but only giving half of them with the ability to fall in love with the other half.

Years pass by, time flows by; sometimes slower than it should flow. But we don’t like taking chances, especially with love and money. It is a corrupt world now, with the first depending on the second more often than we could count. The very notion of exercising our hearts with false apprehensions and hopes of spending a millisecond with the person we desire to be so much with sounds utter nonsense. But we do it anyway, in spite of our hearts being broken at so many perfect places. More like a series of immaculately orchestrated moves specifically made to disable the only organ pumping love within our body. But we falter before taking another chance,

“What if this is another hit? What is this is another bad déjà vu? What if this is another rejection? A failure?”

And those of us who are brave enough to try and survive till they find love are the true warriors.

“Apparently, survival of the fittest applies to love as well, to those who have a strong heart.”

© Biswadeep

Image courtesy- https://www.marriage.com/advice/love/practical-tools-to-grow-your-love-bank/

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