The rails

[This is the first poem that I wrote and through this poem, I ventured into the world of creative writing. Granted, this is all dark and gory but what can I do? I was like that when I first started writing. Teenage angst and all. This was more than four years ago, hope you guys like it!]

The sun rays slip on the polished steel, symbolizing the beginning of a new day,

On a day like this, as if predetermined by fate, met;

We smiled; we cried and shared our feelings by the night…

Now, as if by premonition, I knew you would leave me,

‘What did I lack?’ I asked myself, I could feel the air around me going sooty and black;

I cried, yes I cried for the umpteenth time; my head ready to burst…

Our love was so pure, perfect; why did it have to end?

I was dying inside from your thirst, needed a ‘drop’ of you to survive,

Watching the tracks I reflect, why can’t we go alike them?

Hand in hand; parallel till the infinite eternity?

Memories of ‘us’ flashed by me, reminded me of the time we spent together in glee;

And listening to incoming trains with our ears to the track-


Here I am, dejected, devastated and disillusioned,

Night’s fallen and I still walk over the rails (balancing myself) lest I should fall;

‘Waiting for my ultimate moment’

A warm light falls over my body, just like your enchanting aura,

I smile for I know not much time is left;

I hear the whistle, tearing through the darkness,

Echoing your cries… the time has come;

I get a painful and deadly hug as the train collides with me.

I can clearly see your face now; it’s carved into my memory, like carvings on some epitaph,

I lay between two tracks, and I can feel the soul escaping from my body;

‘I now lie in the no man’s land’.

Feeling the air as it was,

No adulteration, no altercation

Soft, dewy and full of morning hope…

Sometimes the piercing of trains, breaking the monotony

I am at peace-

At last.

© Biswadeep

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